The Perfect Slow Cooked Egg

with Miele

Gently slow cooking eggs at 63°C will give you a really soft finish somewhere between a poached egg and a soft boiled egg. Egg whites start to set at about 57°C and then begin to get hard at 65°C, so cooking them at 63°C fully cooks the egg but gives you a really nice, runny yolk. Watch our executive chef and owner of Hardley Hill Farm, Sven-Hanson Britt showcase this technique in a Miele Steam Combination Oven.

About the Author

With a great love for travel and food, Sven-Hanson Britt studied at Bournemouth and Poole College, where a specialised chef course run by the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts kick started his career in a big way; with an apprenticeship at The Ritz. Sven then went on to take part in MasterChef:The Professionals, which cemented his love of food even further and in May 2015 our partnership began. Appreciating the link between great cooking and great appliances, Sven was drawn to our reputation for precision, passion and uncompromising quality.

Sven-Hanson Britt