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When you have taken the time to source the best ingredients, you will want to ensure that they are taken care of during the cooking process. Steam cooking is a great way to do this – it retains essential vitamins and minerals, which can be lost when food is immersed in water, and the texture, colour and flavour of your produce will also be preserved. There is no need to use any cooking oils to keep food moist, and seasoning can take place once your dishes are cooked, helping to reduce the amount of salt that is used.

Miele Freestanding Steam Oven Kitchen

Whether you love experimenting with exotic flavours, putting your individual twist on classic recipes or impressing guests with gourmet dishes, the Miele Freestanding Steam Oven is a great addition to an existing kitchen design. As it does not need to be plumbed in thanks to an integrated water container it can be placed conveniently on a kitchen worktop near to a plug socket. With a fast heat up time, the oven releases a precise amount of steam, which is distributed across the entire unit so that dishes are cooked at the exact temperature you want from 40-100°C (within one degree) – invaluable for complex recipes where precision is key.

Miele Freestanding Steam Oven Close Up

As well as being perfect for gently cooking delicate fish, meat, vegetables, rice, pulses and even eggs, steam can also be used to temper chocolate, extract juice, make yogurt, prove dough and slow cook casseroles and stews. When you cook with steam, odours and flavours are not transferred to other foods, allowing you to prepare different dishes on up to three levels simultaneously; create a complete meal such as Dim Sum and Sushi at the same time with each dish retaining its own flavours.

If you enjoy entertaining, the oven can create a complete menu for up to 10 guests and can easily accommodate whole fish or poultry. As well as steam cooking you can also reheat and defrost dishes while touch controls make it simple to use.

Miele Salmon, Celeriac Puree, Spiced Kale and Brown Butter Shrimps

Thanks to external steam generation and a stainless steel oven interior, it is easy to clean and can be descaled conveniently with Miele descaling tabs. The appliance will alert you when this needs to happen with a step-by-step guide through the short process via the display.

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