Palourde Clams With Jersey Royals, Parsley & Wild Garlic Veloute & Bacon Crumb

Clams are so quick and easy to cook. The stage of the wild garlic season will dictate the strength of the garlic flavour, so adjust the quantities as you wish

Serves 8


For the Shallot Confit 1 banana shallot, perfectly finely diced 100ml extra virgin olive oil

For the Bacon Crumb

200g smoked streaky bacon, cut into lardons

For the Veloute

500g Jersey Royals, peeled and sliced into 1cm discs

30g butter

Pinch of Maldon salt

40g wild garlic

30g flat leaf parsley (picked leaves weight)

60ml whole milk

60ml double cream

For the Clams

300g palourde clams, scrubbed in cold water, discard any cracked shells

100ml white wine

To Garnish

Micro parsley leaves

  1. Start with the shallot confit. Place the shallots and the olive oil in a pan and cook for five hours, on the lowest heat possible, stirring occasionally.

  2. Make the bacon crumb by frying the bacon in a non–stick pan until golden brown, draining off the fat as and when needed. Drain the bacon on to some kitchen paper and when cold enough to handle, chop on a chopping board, until a ‘crumb’ is achieved, set aside.

  3. Place the sliced and peeled Jersey Royals into a vacuum bag with the butter and some Maldon salt and vacuum pack them, so they are in one layer (divide between two bags if desired). Steam on 100°C for 16 minutes.

  4. Meanwhile dip the wild garlic and flat parsley leaves into the hot water for two seconds and then into iced water. Squeeze thoroughly. Place into a food processor with the potatoes, milk and cream until very smooth (full speed for a few minutes). Chill the veloute in a bowl over iced water, to preserve the green colour.

  5. Steam the clams using a solid container with the white wine at 85°C for 2 minutes or until the clams have opened (discard any that remain shut). Remove the clams to a bowl. Leave two clams for each person in a shell and shell the rest, keeping the clams and discarding the excess shells. Pass the cooking liquor through a double layer of muslin.

  6. To serve, heat the clams in two tablespoons of shallot confit with the cooking liquor from the clams. Warm the veloute gently in a pan and adjust the seasoning if needed. Pour into a shallow bowl, top with the clams, juices, micro cress and bacon crumb. Serve immediately.

About the Author

Marianne Lumb’s culinary journey began 30 years ago at her home in Leicestershire where she helped her mother prepare the family meals and inherited her love of food from her father. After training, she was employed by Michelin-starred restaurant Gravetye, during which time she also worked as a private chef with much success. Marianne has cooked in restaurants all over the world and her time spent living abroad has diversified and developed her skills whilst broadening her knowledge on her speciality – seasonal food. On top of her career as a chef, Marianne is an admired teacher at Leiths School of Food and Wine, has produced her first book Kitchen Knife Skills and in September 2013 opened her restaurant, Marianne, which one-month later saw her crowned ‘London Restaurant Festival Chef of the Year’.

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