Six Benefits of Using a Miele Food Probe

By Cesar Fernandez, Miele Home Economist

At Miele, we offer a range of premium built-in ovens that come with either a wired or wireless food probe to remove any guesswork when cooking meat, poultry and fish, as well as saving energy by ensuring a precise cooking duration with no need to open and close the door multiple times. From a medium-rare joint of beef for Sunday lunch, through to a juicy and succulent fillet of fish, our food probes are easy to use and feature a countdown timer so you can prepare side dishes in confidence.

Miele Food Probe

As well as assisting with tricky meat, fish and poultry, our ovens also boast a wide range of user-friendly and efficient features, making them the perfect choice for a sustainable home. Made from high-grade recyclable materials, Miele ovens ensure that only the perfect amount of heat and therefore energy is needed to create beautiful food and our 'Immer Besser' philosophy of continually improving our products has helped us to reduce the energy consumption of our ovens by 49% in the past 20 years.

Designed to work efficiently, Miele ovens offer temperature controls to ensure produce is consistently cooked to perfection. If you have ever wondered why your food doesn’t brown or cook evenly, it is likely that your oven is not cooking at the temperature it is set to. Thanks to an electronic temperature control, our ovens will not overheat, while excessive energy usage is limited thanks to a residual heat utilisation function.

Our Home Economist, Cesar Fernandez shares his thoughts on the six key benefits of using a Miele Food Probe

1 Eliminate Guesswork

Ideally, meat should always be at room temperature before roasting but if using a food probe this is less of an issue, as the probe will cook any joint to your desired core temperature regardless of whether it has been sitting on your kitchen counter beforehand. The new Miele H7162BP oven comes with a wired food probe so there’s no need to keep an eye on the cooking process. Simply pre-set the temperature required for your leg of lamb, pork shoulder or whole chicken and an alarm will sound when the temperature is reached. This A+ energy rated model has an attractive fingerprint-resistant CleanSteel finish, making it ideal for families, as well as timesaving pyrolytic cleaning and automatic programmes for perfect results every time.

Miele Oven Food Probe Kitchen

2 Cook Meat and Poultry to Perfection

By referring to a specific core temperature with the use of a food probe, you are ensuring that food is cooked to perfection every time and this is a sure way to produce juicy or tender meat or poultry. The new Miele H 7262 BP oven with a wired food probe can help with this. Another fantastic A+ rated design, as well as the wired cooking thermometer, automatic programmes and pyrolytic cleaning, it also features a SoftOpen and SoftClose door for gentle movement. The energy efficient Eco Fan Heat option which uses up to 30% less energy is just one of nine cooking functions available, along with Auto Roast, Fan Plus, Full Grill, Conventional Heat, Bottom Heat, Defrosting, Intensive Bake and Fan Grill. And don’t worry about being overwhelmed when it comes to using all these features as the touchscreen menu is so simple to use.

3 Miele Oven Don’t Need to be Preheated

As a Miele oven reaches temperature extremely fast, there is no need to preheat before roasting. This saves on energy as you can count the preheat as part of the cooking time. Microwave Combination Ovens are great energy savers as they do everything quickly and efficiently. The Miele H7840 BMX model for instance is a fantastic asset to any kitchen with its wireless food probe, Eco Fan Heat option, automatic programmes and intuitive touch screen controls. The oven will even activate automatically as you approach thanks to MotionReact technology.

Miele Chicken H7840

4 Makes Multitasking a Breeze

When using a Miele food probe, the oven will provide you with a countdown timer so you can get on with preparing side dishes in confidence – ideal for Sunday roasts.

5 Sustainable Living

Ideally, we should all be working towards cooking with meat and fish that comes from sustainable sources. Cooking with a food probe ensures you are optimising this whole process by serving the dish exactly as it should be served. Choosing a Miele oven is also a sustainable choice as all models are built using high grade, recyclable materials and ensure that only the perfect amount of heat and therefore energy is needed to create beautiful food.

Miele Oven Food Probe Kitchen DGC7845

6 Perfectly Cooked Fish

Miele's food probes are ideal for cooking fish, as it will ensure a monkfish fillet or whole salmon is perfectly cooked without the need to keep checking it and opening and closing the oven door which allows heat to escape. A steam oven, such as the Miele DGC7845 Steam Combination Oven is ideal for cooking fish. A plumbed-in model, this design comes with a wireless food probe for the precise roasting of meat, fish and poultry. Added benefits include the Eco Fan Heat programme as well as a clever ‘Mix & Match’ function that works in conjunction with the Miele@mobile app, allowing you to prepare a delicious meal in 30 minutes. There is no need to worry about different cooking times, temperatures or shelf position as everything is cooked altogether on the same level, with the app sending the cooking instructions to the oven.

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