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These are cookies that are absolutely necessary in order to provide a specific service expressly requested by the user.

These include in particular:

  • User Input Cookies: They are used to store user input, e.g. when filling in forms or when using the shopping basket, provided that the cookies are only stored for one session or for a few hours.
  • Authentication cookies: They serve to identify the user for the duration of the session as soon as he logs in.
  • Security cookies: They serve to prevent misuse during login.
  • Multimedia cookies: They are used to display multimedia content.

You can disable or delete cookies by adjusting your browser settings.

Acceptable cookies on this website

  • Cookies, which according to purely legal definition are not absolutely necessary in order to be able to use the website, fulfil important tasks. Without these cookies, functions that enable comfortable surfing on our website are no longer available. Settings you have made, such as a language selection, cannot be saved and must therefore be queried again on each page. Furthermore, we no longer have the opportunity to respond to you with individually adapted offers.
  • Miele also integrates third-party content into this website. Examples of this are the integration of Facebook services or YouTube videos. If you have decided not to grant or revoke your consent to the use of cookies that require your consent, only those functionalities of our website will be made available to you whose use we can guarantee without these cookies. In this case, website areas that potentially offer the technical possibility of integrating third-party content and thus setting third party cookies are not available to you.
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