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Offering you the highest standard of service and customer care – including free delivery, installation*, and recycling of your old appliances, the Miele Exclusive Collection is an edited selection of our finest appliances and exclusive offers. We are also the only appliance manufacturer to test our products for the equivalent of 20 years' use. Read on to discover some of our product highlights from ovens to coffee machine, dishwashers and wine conditioning units.


Miele Exclusive DG6001 Freestanding Steam Oven

Miele DG6001 GourmetStar Freestanding Steam Oven - £799

Steam cooking retains more vitamins and minerals in your food as it isn’t immersed in water, and if you cook your vegetables in a Miele Steam Oven, they will contain up to twice as much vitamin C as those cooked in a pan of boiling water.  The perfect solution if you want to experience the great versatility and benefits of steam cooking but do not have room for a built in model, this freestanding oven does not need to be plumbed in thanks to its integrated water container, allowing you to conveniently place it on a kitchen worktop near to a plug socket.

The oven benefits from a fast heat up time, with accurate and precise temperature, which is controlled within one degree, allowing you to cook a host of ingredients including vegetables, fish and meat at exact temperatures with excellent results. You may also be surprised to learn that it can also be used to prepare dim sum and sushi, extract juice, make yogurt, slow cook casseroles and stews, as well as sterilising jars, and blanching foods before freezing and bottling!

Odours and flavours are not transferred to other foods, as fresh steam is constantly injected into the cabinet, allowing different dishes to be cooked on up to three levels simultaneously, perfect if you are entertaining.  

Steam cooking also keeps the true colour and taste of food, so it is recommended that seasoning takes place after the cooking process.  A handy recipe book is also included for inspiration.

Claim £200 cash back when you purchase the Miele DG6001 GourmetStar Freestanding Steam Oven, by entering code DG6001 at the checkout.

Miele Exclusive Collection H2561 BP Oven

Miele H2561 BP Active Oven - £799

A+ rated for energy, this stylish 76L oven features a wide range of cooking functions, including rapid heat up, fan plus, conventional heat, grill, fan grill, intensive bake, bottom heat and gentle bake. Other benefits include a Start Stop function, which allows you to programme the start and end times or cooking duration of a dish, so it is ready when required.  The retractable dial controls make operation simple, while cleaning is easy thanks to the pyrolytic system as well as the CleanSteel exterior finish, which is fingerprint resistant.

When you purchase a Miele H2561 BP Active Oven, receive complimentary FlexiClip runners worth £150.

Miele KFN 16947 D Fridge Freezer

Miele KFN 16947 D ed/cs Freestanding Fridge Freezer - £2,249

Available in sleek stainless steel, this A++ rated fridge freezer is equipped with Miele’s PerfectFresh Pro technology, helping to keep ingredients such as fruit, meat and dairy fresher for longer. A secure lid keeps moisture locked in the fridge drawers for ultimate freshness, whilst humidity levels in the drawers can be controlled in three stages (indicated by one, two or three drops). Thanks to the exclusive Miele information system, you can easily determine which level suits which ingredient best. For ease, the refrigerator features exclusive FlexiLight LED lighting that illuminates the glass shelving and interior with brilliant light, and depending on your storage needs the shelves can be moved to an alternative position, taking the light with them.

Featuring DuplexCool, you are guaranteed the best storage conditions, as the refrigerator and freezer have separate cooling circuits, ensuring temperatures are kept at optimum levels. Miele’s VarioRoom storage concept in the freezer allows for space to be arranged to your liking, ideal for storing bulky items such as casserole dishes and baking trays. What’s more, thanks to NoFrost technology there is no need to defrost the appliance, ever – so you can rest assured that ice deposits will not form on frozen food and without layers of ice on the interior, drawers can always be easily opened and closed.

The Miele KFN 16947 D ed/cs Freestanding Fridge Freezer comes with a luxury Artisan Smokehouse hamper containing a delicious and unique selection of the finest hand produced and delicately smoked foods. This model also benefits from a complimentary five year warranty, for peace of mind.

Miele Exclusive Collection KWT 6834 SGS Wine Conditioner

Miele KWT 6834 SGS Wine Conditioner with Sommelier Set - £4,499

This striking, freestanding wine conditioner can hold up to 178 bottles of your favourite vintage as well as champagne. Offering an efficient ‘A’ energy rating and three separate temperature zones with precise controls to ensure your champagne, red and white wines are all served at just the right temperature, the UV resistant door will keep your wine safe from the sun, while a fresh air intake via an active charcoal filter will make sure that no unwanted smells can enter through the cork.

It also benefits from TouchControl, LED lighting and a FlexiFrame system of individual fillet strips, which can be repositioned within the frame, adjusting perfectly to different types and sizes of bottles.  You can also personalise every rack thanks to a magnetic strip that is coated with blackboard paint for use with chalk, making selecting your favourite bottle even easier.

Also included with the conditioner is a fantastic SommelierSet, which features an accessory box for storing a sommelier knife, corkscrews and chalk.  A glass holder and two decanting racks make it possible to decant your wine in the conditioner, ready for serving in glasses chilled to the ideal temperature.  For added convenience, the ConvinoBox will store open bottles in the best condition for you to be able to enjoy later.

Receive a complimentary five-year warranty and a 6 month Wanderlust Wine subscription with the purchase of your KWT6834 Wine Conditioning unit.

Miele Exclusive Collection G6997 SCVi Dishwasher

Miele G6997 SCVi XXL K2O Dishwasher - £2,299

Featuring Miele’s unique QuickPowerWash programme, your clean and dried crockery will be ready in just 58 minutes, whilst achieving an impressive ‘A’ rated cleaning performance. With A+++ -20% energy rating and App Control, this innovative dishwasher also features Miele’s exclusive Knock2Open technology, offering the perfect solution for handleless kitchens as the door opens automatically after being lightly tapped twice. Rest assured you will be delighted that at the AutoOpen Drying, which is unique to Miele, opens the door automatically at the end of a programme to allow dishes to dry completely, without damaging your undercounter.

The patented 3D Cutlery tray allows you to accommodate cutlery, soup ladles and kitchen knives in a way that ensures perfect cleaning, with the ability to wash wine glasses and taller items in the tray below. The loading system of a Miele dishwasher is so clever you can load 14 place settings and saucepans in 210 different ways and get exceptional cleaning every time. There is no need to pre-rinse with a Miele dishwasher, Automatic Sensor Wash measures how dirty the wash-load is and automatically adjusts the water, duration and temperature to ensure items such as, saucepans used to prepare mashed potato and crystal glasses will clean perfectly together, leaving no residue.

Other highlights include time left, in door salt replenishment, a low 41dB noise level, delay start with time flexibility and LED Brilliant lighting that bathes the interior in a uniform light. 11 wash programmes include an Automatic cycle, which uses just 6.5 litres of fresh water as well as Perfect GlassCare, EcoFeedback, Turbo and Short options.  The G6997 SCVi XXL K2O comes with an impressive 5 year warranty, plus for a limited time customers can redeem an introductory or stockpiling offer for Miele's efficient UltraTabs when buying directly through Miele. For more information click here.


<strong>Miele Exclusive Collection CM5500 Rose Gold Coffee Machine</strong>

Miele CM5500 Bean-to-Cup Countertop Coffee Machine - £799

Available in a beautiful Rose Gold finish, this striking machine provides authentic barista style coffee, that is ideal if you are searching for that coffee shop experience at home.  The Miele CM5500 benefits from an integrated conical grinder made from high-quality non-abrasive steel, which results in an even and precise grinding of beans. The perfect grind technology works with Miele's intelligent AromaticSystem producing a perfectly brewed espresso, coffee or ristretto with a great crema every time.  If you want to use milk, the machine can also help prepare cappuccinos, latte macchiatos and lattes with ease.  Hosting guests, the 'One Touch for Two’ function provides two cups of the same drink via a central spout so there is no need to slide the cup along or keep up with tricky intermediate steps. Four user profiles allow you to programme in your regular and favourite beverages while the customised settings mean you can tailor the amount of coffee and water to your specific taste. For a limited time customers who purchase their coffee machine directly through Miele are eligible for a six month complimentary Workshop Coffee subscription. To find out more click here


Miele Exclusive Collection WMV 960 WPS Washing Machine

Miele WMV 960 WPS Washing Machine - £2,099

Ensuring you achieve the best cleaning results when washing standard loads, the WMV960 includes Miele’s intuitive two-phase detergent system, TwinDos, and its bespoke detergent and enhancer, UltraPhase 1 and 2, which are the new frontier of laundry perfection. This intelligent automatic dispensing system calculates precisely how much of each of the detergents your precious clothes require and releases them at the most appropriate point in the cycle for the smartest, most caring clean. The TwinDos system will also save you up to 30% on detergent consumption (you are also able to use a liquid detergent and fabric conditioner for your own choice if desired). For gentle cleaning of specialist clothing, including sportswear, down, outdoor, woolcare, silkcare and reproofing, the Miele CapDos system and detergent capsules can be used. Simply add a capsule to the dispensing drawer and select the programme.  

Offering a 9kg capacity and rated A+++ minus 40% for energy efficiency, this innovative washing machine offers Miele’s latest PowerWash 2.0 cleaning system, which uses a powerful spin and spray system on your laundry for excellent cleaning results. In addition to the standard Quick Wash, a Quick PowerWash option is also available and it takes under an hour to achieve a full ‘A’ rated wash (unique to Miele), ideal if you tight on time but require the same great washing results as a full-length proramme.

With 26 specialist wash programmes available, the WMV 960WPS will take exceptional care of your fabrics.  It is also possible to customise the programmes; Intensive ensures good detergency without extending the wash cycle; Eco reduces energy consumption while extending the cycle duration; Extra Gentle reduces mechanical action offering gentle care to help reduce creasing; Extra Quiet reduces the noise while AllergoWash improves hygiene by extending the temperature holding time and using more water to thoroughly remove detergent residues, which can be great if you are a new parent of if you have a family member with sensitive skin.

The WMV 960WPS comes with an impressive 10-year warranty, plus for a limited time only customers will receive a free 6 months supply of UltraPhase detergent when purchasing directly through Miele. To find out more click here

Miele Exclusive Collection TMV 840 WP Tumble Dryer

Miele TMV 840WP Prestige Tumble Dryer - £1,999

With a 9kg patented Honeycomb Plus drum, which eliminates snagging, and a host of sophisticated features, this tumble dryer will take gentle care of all your fabrics. Working in conjunction with a Miele washing machine, you can entrust that this dryer will care of treasured fabrics or garments that require specific treatment such as; retaining the functional properties of outerwear, sports or re-proofed fabrics; or delicate items such as woolens or silks. The PerfectDry system automatically sets optimum drying times based on the mineral and moisture levels in your clothes to avoid over or under drying.  If you want fabrics smelling great for longer, simply add a FragranceDos capsule, which fits in the door of the tumble dryer.  During the drying process the warm air passes through the ‘Flacon’, transferring the fragrance onto your garments, with the scent lasting around four weeks. The Steam Finish function removes creases by spraying water into the drum, which combines with hot air and drum rotation to gently stretch and smooth the fibres in the clothes, reducing the need for ironing.  

As market leader with a A+++ energy rating, this tumble dryer uses Miele’s pioneering powerful, but efficient, Heat Pump technology, which achieves a significant reduction in energy consumption.  It also offers energy forecasts and information about filter saturation to ensure you can keep it working to maximum efficiency. Other benefits include an Express cycle, Half Load, Extra Quiet and a Freshen Up programme that refreshes clean, dry clothes that haven’t been worn for a while. An impressive 5 year warranty is also included when purchasing directly through Miele.

<strong>Miele WTZH 130 WPM Washer Dryer</strong>

Miele WTZH130 WPM Washer Dryer - £2,199

Using the same innovative laundry technology from Miele, this washer dryer provides uninterrupted washing and drying making it an excellent choice if you are looking to maximise on space, without compromising on excellent results.

Miele’s integrated TwinDos dispensing system automatically releases the precise amount of detergent at the optimum time in the wash cycle, for professional cleaning results. TwinDos also offers you the chance to take advantage of Miele’s Ultraphase 1 and Ultraphase 2 detergent enhancers, to ensure that both whites and coloured garments are thoroughly cleaned and looked after. This model also features a CapDosing system, allowing to make use of Miele’s specialist capsules for wool, sportswear, outdoor, down and silk and making it easier to wash delicate items. Other features include ProgrammeManager for the customisation of cycles, Stains Option and Delay Start for convenience.

When the wash programme has finished, the washer dryer benefits from Miele’s patented honeycomb drum with Thermo Spin, which tumbles clothing in a current of hot air while the spin speed is gradually increased. This reduces the water content in the laundry before the actual drying cycle begins, helping to save time and electricity. For items that have briefly been worn, a Freshen Up drying option is at hand, whilst FinishSteam gently smooths freshly washed clothes and reducing ironing times by 50%.

The Miele WTZH130 WPM Washer Dryer comes with a free five year warranty.

<strong>Miele FashionMaster</strong>

Miele FashionMaster - £1,449

This all in one steam ironing system provides professional ironing results, whilst saving you valuable time with double sided ironing. Thanks to a non stick honeycomb soleplate, the iron glides smoothly over garments to remove creases, spreading steam evenly over the entire soleplate and allowing you to decide whether to use short bursts of steam or continuous steam at the touch of a button. The dry steam penetrates even the thickest material and consequently reduces ironing time. Deep set wrinkles from heavy cotton work shirts are removed with ease, while multi-layered clothing, including school skirts and trousers are left with no shiny patches. It is also possible to iron directly on appliques, sequins and printed fabrics with no melting or smudging of designs; ideal for children’s clothing, dance outfits and sports kits.

Thanks to a two-speed fan integrated into the board, the Miele FashionMaster benefits from steam extraction and inflation, ensuring that steam thoroughly penetrates textiles and helping to prevent condensation on the ironing table, stopping garments from slipping. The inflation also creates an air cushion between the item being ironed and the board, helping to stop seams and hems from leaving an impression on fabrics. For peace of mind, the heater element in the soleplate switches off automatically after three minutes of inactivity while the entire unit will turn off automatically after 14 minutes of inactivity.

For convenience, the 1-2 Lift system allows you to set up and fold away the FashionMaster effortlessly in just a few seconds. With convenient height adjustments, you can set the ironing board exactly to your individual working height and with its soft castors, it can be moved easily to wherever you may want it positioned.

*Installation available on selected appliances.

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