Miele Reimagines How We Use Detergents

If you ask most people what a washing machine is for they will say ‘To wash clothes’, but at Miele we believe a washing machine should do so much more than that. We design our machines to be a full garment care system, not just to clean clothes but to actively care for and prolong the life of the textiles, and to help protect the environment while they do it. In order to ensure that happens, we know that we need to provide the full solution, both the machine and the detergent, which is exactly what we’ve done. Our product training manager, Rosie Clarke explains everything you could ever want to know about Miele detergents.

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Why do detergents matter?

The detergents we use and how we use them can influence so many factors when washing our clothes. By using the right detergents in the correct quantities, you can control the immediate wash result, help to protect all types of fabrics from damage, save money and help to reduce impact on the environment. Miele understands the importance of both the mechanical action of the washing machine and the chemical action of the detergent, and we have worked to balance the two to ensure the best performance, whilst saving time, hassle and cost.

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What is the Miele TwinDos system?

With Miele’s unique TwinDos feature, we provide a truly intelligent automatic dosing system that allows the washing machine to make the decisions on what blend of detergent to use and in what quantities, based on the individual load being washed. This system uses Miele’s two-phase detergents, UltraPhase 1 and UltraPhase 2, which offer the full solution for cleaning your everyday items of laundry. These two detergents contain a whole host of high quality, active ingredients which do the jobs normally spread out amongst multiple different products. This removes the need to buy separate detergents for colours and whites, separate fabric softeners, additional stain removing additives and even optional extras like colour catchers and machine disinfectant. It also removes the need to measure and dose manually. Just by letting the machine know what type of load you’re washing, it can dispense the correct blend of the two detergents fully automatically in the correct quantities, to ensure perfect results whilst saving on resources.

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Are Miele detergents sustainable?

The clever way the machine measures the detergent, coupled with the fact that you don’t need to invest in additional products to do the job properly, means that you can save on average 30% a year on your detergent use. This is great for your pocket but also helps you to wash in a much more sustainable way. The detergents themselves are free from microplastics and synthetic polymers and come in recyclable cartridges, and because they’re being dosed correctly, it avoids excess detergent being released into the environment. There are also options available that are suitable for sensitive skin and are fully vegan.

CapDos - Wool Care

What about washing special fabrics?

Special fabrics require specialist care to ensure that they last, and Miele has a solution for these too. Every Miele washing machine comes equipped with the unique CapDosing system. This system allows the machine to dispense measured individual capsules (Caps) of bespoke detergents and treatments for fabrics that require an extra level of care. With Caps available for everything from delicate fabrics like wools and silks to more utilitarian items like sportswear, down-filled coats and waterproof outerwear, you can ensure that every type of garment can be properly cared for without the need to clutter your cupboard with multiple bottles. And with a range of treatment Caps such as Cotton Repair and ImpraProtect (waterproofing agent), you can help to revitalise and recondition tired and failing garments. The Caps themselves are also recyclable.

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What about dishwashers?

Miele’s detergent know-how has also been extended to our dishwashing range. Dishwashers with our unique AutoDos system will automatically dispense the correct quantities of our all in one detergent from the Miele PowerDisk. This system offers ultimate ease of use whilst ensuring the best wash results, caring for even delicate crockery and glassware, and as with the TwinDos system, can save up to 30% on detergent use, thus saving both money and impact on the environment, and the PowerDisks are also recyclable.

With Miele automatic dosing systems and bespoke detergents, you can achieve the best results at the touch of a button, saving time and hassle, prolonging the life of your much loved items and helping to protect the planet at the same time.

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