Miele Range Cooker Experience at Divertimenti

We are thrilled to introduce the Taste for Design: Miele Range Cooker Experience at the Divertimenti Cookery School in Knightsbridge, London. Hosted monthly by our welcoming and talented team of home economists, the 90-minute course will showcase the benefits and versatile cooking functions of our HR 1956 Dual Fuel Range Cooker. Visitors can also delight in an exquisite two course menu made using this innovative appliance.

Divertimenti Range Cooker

Available in a stainless steel finish, the Miele Range Cooker is equipped with a sleek M Touch display, LED halo lit dials and an ergonomic handle, suiting both contemporary and classic kitchen designs. Boasting a large 85L multi-functional oven, a 43L microwave combination fan oven, six gas burners and a unique griddle, the Miele Range Cooker comes with a host of cooking programmes allowing you to create a variety of restaurant style dishes from the comfort of your own home.

During the course, our specialists will demonstrate the standout features of the appliance, such as Miele’s exclusive MoisturePlus technology. This feature allows you to inject up to three bursts of steam – either timed or manually – into the oven to give loaves of bread an impressive lift and rise for a rich crust with a light texture. It is also great for perfectly risen Yorkshire puddings and succulent yet tender cuts of meat.

Our home economists will showcase Miele’s one degree of temperature accuracy, which unlike other ovens ensures that ingredients are cooked to perfection at the temperature set throughout the entire cooking process, for consistent results every time. Other features that will be highlighted include the Range Cooker’s integrated wireless roasting probe, allowing for the precise and customised roasting of meat, fish and poultry by monitoring the core temperature.

Set in an informative yet relaxed and enjoyable setting, our team of experts will also be at hand to answer any questions you may have concerning functionality or design, as well as give recommendations and bespoke advice.

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The ultimate cookshop, Divertimenti has been a food lover’s favourite since the sixties. The Divertimenti shop in Knightsbridge, London stocks a wide range of professional, quality cookware and tableware, utensils and kitchen electricals.

Divertimenti Cookery School offers something for every taste, from hands on masterclasses to Michelin-starred experiences in a unique environment suitable for amateurs, enthusiasts and accomplished cooks alike.

Seeing is believing and that is why we offer complimentary spaces on our Taste for Design courses, for customers who are embarking on their kitchen journey. The next Taste for Design: Miele Range Cooker Experience at Divertimenti takes place on Friday, 5th October between 12:00pm and 1:30pm. Bookings can be made through experiencecentre.london@miele.com.

To find out more about our Taste for Design courses, please click here.

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