Seven of the Best Cooking Accessories

When you have taken the time to research and invest in a Miele oven that offers you the highest levels of precision, accuracy and functionality, it is important that your cooking accessories won't let you down. This is why we have created a range of high quality cookware that is designed for use with our ovens and hobs to help you achieve perfect results. 

Miele Roast Probe

Miele Food Probe

Removing the guess work when cooking poultry, fish or meat, where reaching a core temperature before serving is vital, the Miele Food Probe will provide accurate temperature readings and precise temperature control when inserted into the centre of the food.  Available in a wireless and cabled version, the probe benefits from a countdown indicator which eliminates the need to supervise the cooking process, freeing up time to spend with loved ones.

Miele FelixClip Runners

Miele FlexiClip Telescopic Runners

The FlexiClip fully telescopic runners for Miele Ovens ensure the easy removal of baking trays, roasting racks and gourmet casserole dishes from the cooking compartment. These are then held securely in position.  This allows for the safe basting of meat and easy turning of ingredients outside of the oven, whilst trays, racks and oven dishes can be inserted on different individual levels for ease of use. 

Miele’s PyroFit finish on a range of accessories means baking and roasting racks as well as FlexiClip fully telescopic runners can stay in the oven during the efficient Pyrolytic Cleaning Programme that features on select models.

Miele HUB 5000 AND 5001 M Dish

Miele HUB 5000-M Gourmet Casserole Dish

Ideal for family meals and Sunday lunches, the Miele MUB 5000-M Gourmet Casserole dish easily accommodates a joint of meat or large portions of vegetables.  Made from die-cast aluminum for durability, the HUB dish is also extremely easy to clean and maintain thanks to its high quality, non stick finish.  Paired with the precision of a Miele Oven, the HUB 500-M dish will also help with one pan cooking.  Try layering potatoes in the dish and roasting them in the oven to create a gratin.  Also available is the Miele HUB 5001-M Gourmet Casserole dish which is compatible for use on Miele Induction Hobs thanks to an induction friendly base.

Miele Multi-Purpose Tray

Miele HUBB 91 Multi-Purpose Tray

Developed exclusively by Miele, this robust Multi-Purpose Tray has a unique and patented PerfectClean non-stick finish, allowing it to be used time and time again without the risk of discolouration or rust. Best for tray bakes or serving as a drip tray when roasting meat, the HUBB 91 fits onto the oven’s side racks or Miele’s innovative FlexiClip, fully telescopic runners for convenience.

Miele Perforated Tray

The HBBL 71 Gourmet Perforated Baking tray will help bake bread and pizza bases whilst using the exclusive MoisturePlus function on select Miele Ovens. The perforated holes allow the bursts of steam to penetrate the dough, ensuring a great rise and crisp base.

Miele Perforated Steam Container

Miele DGGL 12 Perforated Steam Container

To achieve perfectly cooked ingredients in a short period of time, the Miele DGGL range of Perforated Steam Containers work alongside the Miele Steam Ovens and Steam Combination Ovens for accurate results.  Thanks to the efficiency of the Miele Steam Oven, the risk of flavour crossover is removed so fragrant foods can be prepared alongside each other without spoiling.  Great for large meals, several trays will fit into the oven at once, allowing everything from fluffy rice to delicate fish to be cooked at the same time.

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