Miele’s Guide to Stir-Up Sunday

Picture this: It’s a chilly Sunday morning on the last Sunday of November, and there's a certain festive anticipation in the air. This isn’t just any lazy Sunday, it’s Stir Up Sunday, a British tradition that’s been jazzed up by modern families to kickstart the Christmas festivities in a fun, food-filled way. So, put on your favourite Christmas tunes, grab your mixing bowls and get ready to stir up some magic, as we delve into this age-old tradition.

A Dash of History
Stir Up Sunday is intertwined with a 1549 prayer but has since taken a sweet turn. On the last Sunday before Advent, families don their aprons to mix the Christmas pudding, ensuring it has enough time (about five weeks) to develop those rich, intoxicating flavours that will wow guests on Christmas Day. The stirring isn’t just for blending; it’s a heart-warming ritual where each member of the family stirs, anti-clockwise from east to west, mirroring the journey of the Three Wise Men, while making a wish.

What to Make on Stir-Up Sunday
While the Christmas pudding is the main event, Stir-Up Sunday has become the day to prepare a variety festive goodies. From mince pies and gingerbread houses through to rich fruit cakes and shortbread, it’s a day to unleash your inner baker and stack up on holiday treats. The essence remains the same - whipping up Christmas spirit with a blend of tradition and contemporary fun.

Miele Recipes to Try
We have a fantastic Christmas pudding recipe that can be found here or alternatively, a sumptuous Christmas fruit cake recipe here.

Christmas Cake Miele Features for Flawless Results
And when the time comes to baking in your Miele oven, remember these features to guarantee perfect results every time…

• Moisture Plus: To achieve the perfect blend of moist yet firm texture in your Christmas cake, Miele’s Moisture Plus feature is your ally! Introduce bursts of steam during baking to ensure your cake remains moist while developing a perfect, browned crust.

• Wireless Food Probe: No more guessing games! Achieve precise results with our Wireless Food Probe. The core temperature of your dishes is crucial for a flawless result. Insert the probe into your bake (or roast for that matter) and let the Miele oven regulate the cooking process to perfection.

• Automatic Programs: Explore a variety of pre-programmed settings to prepare other traditional Christmas dishes effortlessly.

• Gentle Baking for Delicate Treats: Perfect for those delicate mince pies the Gentle Bake feature ensures an even, gentle golden bake, ideal for pastry, gingerbread and melt in the mouth shortbread biscuits

Miele Steam Oven: Ideal for cooking your traditional pudding on Christmas Day, ensuring it is cooked evenly and retains its moisture, enhancing its flavours and textures.

Stir-Up Sunday blends the magic of tradition with the joy of creating new memories. With Miele ovens, not only can tradition be honoured, but also elevated. This Stir-Up Sunday, let your Miele oven be the secret ingredient to a memorable family pre-Christmas gathering filled with joy, laughter, and of course - perfect cooking results!

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