Five of the Best Compact Appliances

If you live in a city, it is likely that you have not been blessed with a huge amount of kitchen space. Investing in high-quality combination or compact appliances will keep your kitchen running smoothly without the need to compromise on performance. 

Here are five of our best multifunctional and compact appliance recommendations:

Miele Compact Appliances DGC 6600 XL Steam Oven

Miele DGC 6600 XL Steam Combination Oven 

Perfect if you often prepare a wide selection of dishes thanks to the combination of dry, radiant heat and moisture. This sleek oven benefits from a large 48-litre capacity and offers steam, oven and grilling capabilities.  It features Miele MultiSteam technology, where water from the tank is pumped into a powerful steam generator located behind the motorised lift-up control panel. Steam is then distributed quickly and uniformly via six inlet ports, ensuring even cooking whilst retaining your food's essential vitamins and minerals. It also means there are no limescale deposits in the oven cabinet as the steam is generated outside the inner cavity.

Reheating and defrosting options are all on board as well as a food probe, which checks that your meal is cooked to perfection. You can also use the Automatic Menu Cooking programme to cook up to three foods at the same time with no transfer of flavours.  Other useful features include a User Programme, which allows you to create up to 20 bespoke programmes, including cooking function, temperature and duration, so you can easily select the settings for your favourite dishes at the touch of a button. You can also set the start and end times or cooking duration of your dish so it is ready when required. When purchasing a DGC Steam Oven direct from Miele, customers are eligible to claim an accessory package worth £500*, which includes a Miele gourmet casserole dish, fully telescopic FlexiClip runners and a perforated gourmet baking tray.

Miele Compact Appliances DGM 6800 Steam Oven w Microwave

Miele DGM 6680 Steam Oven With Microwave

The ideal solution if you need a second built-in cooking device but are short on space and cannot decide which to choose, this versatile appliance combines the convenience of a microwave with the quality cooking results that are produced from a Miele steam oven, without any compromises.  Using the same MultiSteam technology that features in all Miele steam ovens, it has a powerful (3.3kW) external steam generator and eight inlet ports to provide fast, precise steam generation and distribution for fantastic cooking results. The microwave benefits from seven power levels and features QuickStart, reheating, defrosting, keeping warm and an automatic function for popcorn.  It is also possible to create up to 20 unique programmes where the microwave and steam modes are both used in turn, for example: gently defrosting with the microwave function followed by uniform cooking via steam.

Miele Compact Appliances H6800BM Combi Oven

Miele H 6800 BM Microwave Combination Oven

A great option for those busier days, combining the speed and convenience of microwave cooking with the functionality of a conventional oven. Featuring sleek M Touch controls, this microwave combination oven benefits from seven different microwave power levels and automatic programmes.  You can combine both oven and microwave functions to roast meat, which reduces cooking times by about a third.  A food probe is also included so you can check that your food is cooked just the way you want it. Other benefits include a Quick Microwave option and a popcorn function for a delicious snack at the touch of a button.

Miele Compact Appliances DG6200 Steam Oven

Miele DG 6200 Steam Oven

Steam is the optimum cooking method for retaining food’s vitamins, minerals and nutrients as well as preserving its taste and texture, for example: broccoli will retain 50% more vitamin C than when it is boiled in a pan.  Fantastically versatile and with a temperature range of 40°C-100°C, fast heat-up times and Miele MultiSteam technology, this steam oven can precisely cook (within 1°C), allowing you to produce a wide range of dishes including vegetables, delicate fish, meat, Sushi, soufflés, pasta, Dim Sum, rice, pulses, desserts and even eggs.  It can also be used to gently defrost frozen food, prove dough, extract juice, melt chocolate, reheat cooked food, make yoghurt and sterilise baby bottles. Should you need it, an Automatic Programme is also on hand, working out the precise cooking times and temperatures for over 100 different dishes including breads, cakes and meats.  Three different ingredients can be cooked using this programme, preparing a complete meal without any flavour transfer that is ready for the table at the same time.

Miele Compact Appliances KWT 6122 iG Wine Conditioner

Miele KWT 6112 iG ed/cs Wine Conditioner

Compact in size but big in useable space, this built-in wine conditioner benefits from a height of 45cm and provides storage for up to 18 bottles over three levels.  Large Magnums can also be easily accommodated thanks to the FlexiFrame Plus system, which allows the shelving to be repositioned.  Each rack can be personalised with a magnetic strip that is coated with blackboard paint for use with chalk.  It also features touch controls and a temperature range of 5-20°C, while the Push2Open door mechanism offers a handleless design with soft-close functionality, which is ideal if you have a contemporary or open plan kitchen.  Rated A+ for energy efficiency and whisper quiet at 34dB, the conditioner benefits from a UV resistant glass door to protect the wine, and an active charcoal filter makes sure that no unwanted smells can enter through the cork.

*For a limited time only

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