An Uninterrupted Design

How To Seamlessly Integrate Appliances Into An Open Plan Kitchen

If you covet a more relaxed and sociable way of living, open plan where one communal space is shared as the kitchen, dining and living area is a great solution. When creating this fusion it is important to keep the lines of the kitchen continuous and smooth with hidden and streamlined appliances so there are no distractions to the overall feel of the space. Here are our top appliance solutions for achieving an uninterrupted design:

The New Handleless Miele ArtLine Collection of Built in Cooking Appliances

Miele ArtLine Appliances

Designed to complement the pure linear lines of open plan living, the new stylish ArtLine collection of built in cooking appliances will fit flush with kitchen cabinetry for an uninterrupted look with a beautiful glass finish. In place of a handle there is a sensor integrated into the fascia (Touch2Open) of the oven, steam oven or microwave combination oven, and by gently touching or lightly tapping the sensor, the motor-assisted door will glide open. An important design consideration when developing the new ArtLine oven was to keep the safety function of a drop down door that can hold up to 25kg and provides a resting point when removing hot dishes. The range is available in Miele’s popular Obsidian Black and Brilliant White colours as well as a new Graphite Grey shade offering a wide range of elegant design possibilities.

Frameless Induction

Miele Frameless Induction Hob

A frameless induction hob with touch controls can be seamlessly integrated into a worktop making it an ideal choice for a kitchen island. With no sharp corners or edges it is a good option if there are children in the home and as with other induction models cooking is particularly safe as only the pan will get hot and not the surrounding area, even if a small pan is placed on a large cooking zone. The space under the hob is fully usable, ideal for kitchens where storage space is a premium.

Downdraft Extractor

Miele Downdraft Cooker Hoods

Concealed within the island unit, this 90cm downdraft cooker hood is perfect for minimalist kitchens. With dimmable LED lighting and Touch on Glass controls it will elegantly rise from the worktop when required to help keep the air free of grease, vapours or odours. Offering flush fit installation, the hood can be integrated into a variety of work surfaces, providing a smooth look and spacious finish.

Ceiling Extraction

A great choice for minimalistic kitchens, ceiling extractors fit flush for an unobtrusive design but still provide the power to keep the air free of grease, vapours and odours. Combine with an external motor that is placed on an outside wall or in a roof to reduce the noise to the immediate living space. If your hob is going to within a run of units, our sleek 30cm deep cooker hoods can be integrated into wall units and are available in 60cm, 90cm and 120cm widths.

Knock2Open Dishwasher

Miele Knock2Open Dishwasher

An ideal solution for handleless kitchen designs, the genius fully integrated Knock2Open dishwashers will open when they are lightly tapped twice on the top third of the front panel thanks to exclusive Miele technology. Extraneous noises from the area surrounding the dishwasher are identified as such and are promptly ignored by the machine.

Push To Open

Miele Integrated Wine Conditioner

Wine Conditioners, Warming Drawers, Food Warming Drawers and Sous Vide Vacuum Sealing Drawers are all available without a handle for a flush finish thanks to a Push2Open function, which complements the design of other Miele appliances. The spring-loaded fronts also allow the appliances to be opened easily without using your hands when carrying large dishes.

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