Designing a Handleless Kitchen

With 90% of all kitchens designed and fitted by Halcyon Interiors, The ALNO Store being handleless, we sat down with designer Graham Robinson to discover what you need to think about if you are wanting to achieve this look at home.

What are the main design considerations?

It is essential that the kitchen looks really sleek, is symmetrical with no breaks to the flow of the design. Think consistent lines and, if space permits, use 120cm wide units for maximum impact. Function is just as important as form - your kitchen needs to work for you as well as looking great and it is vital that the units are easy to open. Look at your kitchen holistically to ensure you get a homogeneous look. If you are planning an open plan design, I would recommend selecting a worktop in the same or similar colour as the kitchen, as this will make the units appear more as pieces of furniture.

Miele ALNO Handleless Kitchen

What lifestyles does a handleless kitchen suit best or are they suitable for everyone?

If a handleless kitchen is designed and fitted well, then I believe that there are no limitations on who can have one. I have young professionals and families choosing this look, as well as couples in their 80s!

How is the handleless look achieved?

We like to use a recessed handle design where your fingers go behind the door rather than touching the front of the cabinetry. Use the same colour or similar tones for a sleek look that flows.

Miele ALNO Handleless Kitchen

What are the benefits of a handleless kitchen?

If designed well, it is easy to keep clean and tidy.

Are there any colours that work best for a handleless kitchen?

I think the majority of colours can work as long as everything is kept the same colour or shade such as units, large appliances and worktops. At the moment, it is all about greys - from high gloss light grey, through to graphite matte.

How do you integrate appliances into a handleless kitchen?

Any appliances that are going to be on show need to match the look of your kitchen, so opt for cooking appliances and coffee machines in the same or a complementary shade. Where possible, use handleless appliances so that the line of the kitchen is not interrupted – I have Miele ArtLine in my home kitchen. Where you can, integrate your other appliances such as the dishwasher, extractor and fridge freezer and choose a really sleek induction hob.

Miele ArtLine Appliances in Graphite Grey

Will a handleless kitchen affect storage?

No, not if designed well. Choose the largest unit sizes you can to ensure that you have enough space. You don’t want your worktops being cluttered as this will distract from the overall look.

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