Designing a Kitchen with Curves

We are delighted to share with you this striking, curvaceous kitchen and expert advice from luxury, bespoke kitchen manufacturer, Tom Howley Kitchens. Combining the finest materials with cutting edge technology, the company’s master craftsman are trained in traditional handmade techniques such as Mortice & Tennon and Dovetail joins. Each kitchen is hand finished in the client’s home to the highest standard and thanks to a bespoke engraving service, it is also possible to personalise drawers and cabinetry.

Tell us a little about the design of the kitchen? 

The design focuses on the balance of scale and proportions, it’s an uncomplicated interpretation of a traditional style. Keeping the island worktop as one seamless piece creates a really striking overall look.

We love the use of curves — is this a difficult look to achieve with the cabinetry? 

In short, yes. We have recently invested heavily into expanding and improving our factory, which is based in Glossop, Peak District and have introduced some of the latest, cutting edge technologies. This has allowed us to expand our research and development and as a result these curved doors take centre stage in this design.

Miele Curved Kitchens Tom Howley 2

What are the main considerations when designing this style of kitchen? 

Proportion is key, making sure that the dimensions fit the space correctly and stripping back the detail to only a few key features that really let the design shine. The important thing to remember is that the kitchen needs to look good, but it also needs to be functional. The tall skirting on the pillars create the illusion of height and stature, while the four-piece cornice adds scale and grandeur. Details such as the handles and hinges have been carefully added to complement, not distract from the simplicity of the design.

How did you create a kitchen that is high on style but also practical? 

The main thing to consider when designing any kitchen is the ‘wish list’ and what is practical in the available space, as well as the lifestyle of its chef/s. If you can fit everything you want and more then great but if not please let your designer take control. If the design of the kitchen is right then it will feel right, it will be easy to use, and everything will flow when it comes to preparing meals.

How does the layout work?

The layout of appliances is key to the success of any design. In this kitchen, you can see all the appliances are within a workable distance of each other, providing complete flexibility to the chef. Creating separate ‘zones’ for preparation, cooking and cleaning creates an easy flow around the kitchen. In this design, the focus is the Miele Mastercool refrigeration with enough space allowed to fully access the fridge, freezer and wine cooler.

Miele Curved Kitchens Tom Howley 3

The kitchen features a wide suite of appliances – how important was that?

I believe that with this mix of appliances, a five-course dinner for friends and family can be created with ease and without feeling like there is a need for more time and space. This kitchen showcases just how having the perfect appliance mix doesn’t have to compromise design.

Do you have a favourite part of the kitchen design? 

The lit, open shelving is one of my favourite features as it is a great way to add texture, and personality to a kitchen. The open shelving can be used to display tableware which is then easily reached or personal items that you would like on show.

Miele Curved Kitchens Tom Howley 4

Picture Credit: Tom Howley Kitchens

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