Six of the Best Appliances for Entertaining

From birthdays and festive celebrations to dinner parties and even last-minute gatherings, entertaining at home is a regular occurrence throughout the year. From frequent and passionate hosts to those just looking for a helping hand when catering for a crowd, Miele has a great range of appliances to deliver perfect results.

Miele EVS 6214 Sous Vide Vacuum Sealing Drawer

A fantastic addition to any kitchen designed for a cook that loves to be creative, the Miele 6114 or EVS 6214 Sous Vide Vacuum Sealing Drawer allows for food to be vacuum sealed in plastic bags or dedicated sous vide containers, ready for steaming at consistently low temperatures for a longer period of time. This method of cooking results in minimal loss of colour and nutrients for vegetables, and is particularly good for retaining moisture and enhancing delicate fish or ensuring that joints that are traditionally difficult to cook emerge evenly done throughout and full of flavour. In addition, the Sous Vide Vacuum Sealing Drawer is ideal for minimising waste after a dinner party, as depending on the initial condition of food, vacuum sealing can extend its shelf life between three and five times.

Miele Six of The Best for Entertaining evs 6214 vacuum drawer

Miele DGC 6800 XL Steam Combination Oven

Ideal for all levels of culinary know-how, the Miele DGC 6800 XL Steam Combination Oven boasts over 200 intelligent automatic programmes for perfect results every time, as well as the option to customise up to 20 pre-settings for favourite dishes. Offering full steam cooking capacities, this versatile model also meets all traditional oven requirements and more, with a patented wireless food probe to ensure the exact cooking of meats, as well as other features including steam cooking, Fan Plus, top and bottom heat, top heat, bottom heat, Intensive Bake, Gentle Bake and three grill settings, allowing for a range of dishes to be prepared. For hosts in a hurry, Miele’s exclusive MultiSteam technology provides super quick heat up times up to 100°C, with steam distributed uniformly via six inlet ports, ensuring even cooking and providing the ability to steam different dishes simultaneously on three different levels. Dishes can also be kept warm for up to 15 minutes without loss of quality, a convenient function if guests are running late. When buying a DGC Oven direct from Miele, customers are eligible to claim an accessory package worth £500*, which includes a Miele gourmet casserole dish, fully telescopic FlexiClip runners and a perforated gourmet baking tray.

Miele Six of the best for entertaining steam oven

Miele ESW 6229X Gourmet Warming Drawer

Pre-warmed crockery is a great way to keep food piping hot when dishing up multiple portions at once, however that is not all that the Miele ESW 6229X Gourmet Warming Drawer is good for. Using precise low temperature cooking technology that is often found in professional kitchens, dishes can be prepared and then left to cook in the drawer, removing the need to constantly monitor the process and allowing the host to return to the party without jeopardising perfect results. In particular, low temperature cooking results in impressively tender, aromatic and succulent meat dishes. To prevent fewer juices escaping during the cooking process, it is key to sear the meat first and maintain the core temperature in the drawer until serving as a resting period will not be needed. In addition to meats, Miele’s gourmet warming drawers can be used to prove yeast dough, melt chocolate, cook stews or casseroles, prepare homemade yoghurt or bake meringues – making it a true entertaining multi-tasker.

Miele Six of the best for entertaining warming drawer

Miele G6890 SCVi K2O Dishwasher

Highlighted by many as their dinner party must-have, a good dishwasher is a necessity in any kitchen. The Miele G6890 SCVi K2O Dishwasher has a range of features to help a busy host, with an impressive A+++-20% energy rating. Ideal for when a quick turnaround of crockery is necessary, the QuickPowerWash programme cleans and dries crockery in just 58 minutes, whilst the 11 wash programmes also includes an Extra Quiet setting to ensure that the appliance doesn’t disrupt conversation in open plan kitchen-dining spaces. Patented AutoOpen Drying opens the door automatically at a programme’s end to allow the load to dry completely, whilst Miele’s exclusive Knock2Open technology ensures the dishwasher’s total unity with sleek, handleless kitchen designs.

Miele G 6890 SCVi K2O Dishwasher

Miele KWT6722iGS 178cm Wine Conditioning Unit with SommelierSet

No dinner party is ever complete without a selection of carefully chosen wines and Miele’s KWT 6722 iGS Wine Conditioner is ideal for ensuring the perfect vintage is always to hand. Boasting a generous 83 bottle capacity, this elegant built-in model benefits from Miele’s FlexiFrame system which allows users to adjust the beech wood racks to suit different types and sizes of bottles, from standard to magnums. Sure to impress even the most discerning of wine connoisseurs, the included stylish SommelierSet comprises of a glass holder and two decanting racks for decanting wine in the conditioner, ready for serving in glasses chilled to the ideal temperature. Intelligent features include a tinted glass door to prevent UV ray damage, Active AirClean filters to protect wines from unpleasant smells and a slight gradient on the shelf to ensure constant contact between the cork and the wine.

Miele Six of the best for entertaining wine

Miele CVA6805 Bean-to-Cup Built-In Coffee Machine

Whether it is rounding off a successful dinner party with friends or getting the day off to the right start on a weekend of hosting family and friends, a coffee machine that serves up delicious, authentic tasting coffee is a must. Miele’s bean-to-cup machines offers enviable freshness, retaining the rich flavour and aroma of the beans during the extraction process. Providing user convenience thanks to intuitive M Touch controls, the Miele CVA6805 Bean-to-Cup coffee machine is available in a range of colours to complement other Miele built-in appliances, with the option of a plumbed-in fresh water connection for busy hosts who don’t want to keep refilling an internal container. In addition to the bean container, a ground coffee chute can be used to prepare a different option, for example decaffeinated brews using ready ground coffee. Great for entertaining, the CVA6805 also has a coffee pot function that holds up to eight cups at a time, as well as a built-in cup warming drawer, designed to automatically turn on half an hour before the programmed switch-on time for perfectly pre-warmed cups.

Miele Six of the best for entertaining coffee

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