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A fabulous addition to a passionate cook’s kitchen, the Miele HR 1956 G Dual Fuel Range Cooker offers a plethora of cooking options allowing you to produce restaurant quality dishes at home with upmost precision and flexibility. Complete with a sleek M Touch display for simple navigation, as well as LED halo lit dials and an ergonomic handle, it ideal for contemporary and classic kitchen designs.

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85L Multi-Function Oven

Boasting an 85L multi-function Oven, the Miele Range Cooker is equipped with a host of cooking programmes including a choice of grilling options, Fan Plus, top heat, bottom heat and Intensive Bake, which is perfect for home-made pizzas, quiches or lemon meringue pies, ensuring a crisp base, even with moist toppings and without the need for blind baking.

Miele’s exclusive Moisture Plus technology is also on board, allowing you to inject up to three bursts of steam (timed or manual) into the oven cavity giving loaves of bread an impressive lift and rise for a rich crust with a light texture. It is also great for perfectly risen Yorkshire puddings and succulent yet tender cuts of meat. In contrast, the Crisp function ensures a controlled reduction of moisture in the oven, for crispy sweet potato fries and croquettes.

What’s more, the oven also benefits from a rotisserie motor, perfect for a Sunday roast or entertaining large numbers, while a wireless food probe allows for the precise and customised roasting of meat, fish or poultry by monitoring the core temperature. As the food probe features a countdown indicator, there is no need to supervise the cooking process, leaving you to welcome guests or top up drinks without worry.

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43L Microwave Combination Fan Oven

Allowing extra flexibility in the kitchen and helping you maximise on space, the Miele Range Cooker is also equipped with a Microwave Combination Fan Oven with a variety of power levels for gentle defrosting and reheating of food. It can also be used as a standalone oven with a number of roasting options available including Fan Plus, Auto Roast, Grill and Gentle Bake, ideal when cooking smaller dishes which do not require use of the main oven. A popcorn programme is also included for a delicious and healthy snack at the simple touch of a button. Additionally, this Microwave Combination Fan Oven is equipped with electronically regulated programmes for a number of international dishes, so there is no need to programme the mode.

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Griddle and Six Gas Burners

Not only is the Miele Range Cooker equipped with six gas burners, unlike other models it also includes a unique griddle for charring vegetables, making pancakes or searing scallops. Thanks to an integrated thermostat, the griddle maintains an even temperature throughout, ensuring uniform searing of meats. In addition, a wok ring can be easily added on to a gas burner providing further stability for wok pans with rounded bases, ideal when cooking stir fries or quickly heating up sauces and soups.

Gourmet Warming Drawer

Offering more than just a helping hand in the kitchen by warming plates and serving dishes, the integrated Gourmet Warming Drawer in the Miele Range Cooker couples up as a slow cooker with temperatures ranging from 40° to 85°. Particularly convenient for busy households, dishes can be prepared and be left to cook without the need to constantly monitor the process. Providing the best environment for cooking beef, pork, lamb, game or chicken, it is perfect for slow roasting meats, cooking casseroles and stews, for melt in the mouth results, particularly when using its special programme designed for low temperature cooking. It can also used to prove yeast dough for cakes and biscuits, as well as to dissolve gelatin or melt chocolate for sweet treats and desserts. Low temperatures are also ideal for preparing home made yogurt, baking meringues or making rice pudding.

User Programmes

To quickly call up the settings of your favourite or most frequently used dishes, the Miele Range Cooker allows you to create up to 20 user programmes, letting you programme the cooking function, temperature and duration with the simple touch of a button for perfect results every time.

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Easy Maintenance

Thanks to the Pyrolytic self-cleaning programme, there is no need for scrubbing or having to use aggressive agents when looking after your oven. During this specialist function, the oven interior is heated up to over 400°, ensuring that any residual soiling is broken down and reduced to ash, leaving you to only sweep it away after the programme has finished. The range cooker is also equipped with an AirClean catalyser, removing grease and odours from any emerging steam.

Family Friendly

To reduce the risk of accidental burns, all surfaces on and around the cooker remain cool and safe to touch, with the multi-pane door providing effective insulation and ensuring low temperatures on the outside of the door. For extra peace of mind, you can easily lock the appliance to protect it from being switched on by mistake and should you forget to turn the appliance off, the Miele Range Cooker will automatically switch off if the maximum operating time is exceeded.

Along with the Miele HR 1956 G 48 inch Range Cooker, a smaller footprint of 36 inches (HR 1936 G) is also available. When you purchase the Miele HR 1956 G Dual Fuel Range Cooker directly from us, you will receive entry to our Connoisseur Club, which offers you a wide range of benefits including personal demonstrations, exclusive discounts and a hand-picked hamper to complement your carefully selected kitchen.

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