Five of the Best Appliances for Busy Families

With day to day tasks such as organising the family, work commitments as well as running a house all growing at a rapid pace, choosing the right appliances that can help make your schedule less hectic have never been more important, allowing to do more of the things that you love.  From our efficient fridge freezers, to ovens, washing machines and tumble dryers, we have put together an essential guide of our high performance appliances that will help everyday.

Miele Busy Familes WTZH130 Washer Dryer

Miele WTZH130 WPM Washer Dryer

As part of our leading range of laundry technology, the WTZH130 WPM Washer Dryer is an excellent choice for families who do not have the space for two separate machines, but still require the functionality of both. Exclusive to Miele, the QuickPowerwash programme will reduce washing times, completing a wash load in under an hour, ideal for families who are always on the go. Miele’s CapDos programme takes the fuss out of washing specialist garments like wools and muddy football kits, whilst the economical Twin Dos programme automatically releases the right amount of detergent, reducing consumption by up to 30% for the smartest clean. For a limited time, customers are eligible for a six months supply of Miele Ultraphase Detergent when purchasing a new W1 Washing Machine or W1 Washer Dryer. ProgrammeManager allows for customisation of certain cycles, handy for regular loads, plus a tough stains option will help deal with any unexpected spillages. Once the wash cycle is finished ThermoSpin will take over, drying clothes in the patented honeycomb drum with precision. Drying options include the indispensable Finish Steam, which cuts ironing times by up to 50%.

Miele Busy Families G6697 Dishwasher

Miele G 6997 SCVi XXL K20 Dishwasher

With a QuickPowerwash programme that cleans and dries crockery in just 58 minutes this dishwasher is perfect when dealing with the task of cleaning up quickly after a family meal. Extremely energy efficient (rated A+++), which is great if used multiple times a day, the EchoTech programme stores water which helps to preheat fresh water ahead of the next cycle. Perfect for open-plan living, the dishwasher is outstandingly quiet meaning disturbance to the little ones sleeping pattern is limited, plus a five year* warranty when registered with Miele online offers peace of mind. Sports and baby bottles can be placed securely over the bottle holder for thorough cleaning, which can also be folded away after use to make way for larger items. Auto-open drying will open the door automatically when the cycle is over plus clever AppControl makes it easier to stay organised when away from home.

Miele Busy Families Blackboard Fridge Freezers

Miele KFN 29233 D BB Blackboard Fridge Freezer

This special ‘Blackboard’ edition fridge freezer lets imaginations run wild as pictures, shopping lists and messages can be drawn directly onto the front in markers and traditional chalk. Ideal for busy families, an extra large 260L interior offers more space for storing food and deeper shelves can take care of larger items like baking trays with ease. The fridge also comes with a five year* warranty when buying direct from Miele. The Miele DailyFresh drawer ensures perishable food such as fruit and vegetables are preserved and kept fresher for longer, whilst frost free technology saves the hassle of defrosting and offers maximum convenience for storing frozen food.

Miele Busy Families DG6600 with Sous Vide

Miele DGC 6600 XL Steam Combination Oven

Whether you want to reap the rewards of steam cooking or use the traditional features of a conventional oven, the Miele DGC 6600 XL steam combination oven offers the benefits of both steam and conventional cooking in one stylish appliance. This model is the largest steam combination oven in our range with a 68 litre capacity spread across four shelves. Ideal for cooking for friends and family the oven’s Automatic Programmes take the stress out of any guess work, thanks to the ability to calculate optimum cooking times of over 100 different dishes. A handy Menu Cooking feature also allows for whole meals (of up to three different ingredients) to be cooked at the same time without any flavour crossover, perfect after a busy day. The oven’s MultiSteam technology is great for gentle cooking techniques which is perfectly suited to preparing softer dishes for younger children and it will also sterilise jars and bottles.

Mele Busy Families Sous Vide Food

When paired with the DGC 6600 XL steam combination oven, the Miele EVS 6114 Sous Vide Vacuum Drawer brings extra creativity to the kitchen. A dedicated sous vide function means temperatures can be controlled within one degree to cook low and consistently, producing wonderfully tender dishes. The vacuum sealing drawer can also extend the shelf life of certain foods of up to three and five times, which is great when preparing dishes in advance. Treats such as crisps can be resealed in the original packaging whilst healthier options like carrot sticks can be placed and sealed in a vaccum bag. The air pressure removed in this process will preserve the freshness and crunch of a host of items.

Miele Busy Families KM6839 Hob

Miele KM6839 TempControl Induction Hob

The KM6839 induction hob comes with a variety of settings, offering versatility when cooking. Complete with TempControl technology, which uses sensors to detect the temperature of the pan, heat is regulated which ensures food is cooked at a constant and precise temperature. Induction hobs are ideal if you have young children, as it is the pan that heats up and not the hob, meaning no scorching hot surfaces are ever exposed. A handy safety lock function will also prevent the hob from being accidentally turned on. Need to fetch something from the other room? Stop and Go technology means the hob can be left for short periods of time without burning or overcooking meals, perfect when there’s an unexpected interruption. Flexible cooking zones allow you to cook with various sized pans whilst PowerFlex Zones mean two individual rings can be combined to form one larger ring, ideal for family-sized meals such as casseroles.

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