How to Use Kitchen Appliances to Create a Design Feature

At first glance, you would be forgiven for assuming that this image has been taken of a display in a super sleek high-end furniture showroom. But you would be mistaken. This is a real kitchen in a real home. Designer, Lesley-Jane Bryan from London-based LWK Kitchens was set a very specific brief by her clients; they wanted to create a unique, ultra-minimal and contemporary kitchen space that would not look like a kitchen. It needed to make an impressive statement but without compromising on functionality. Lesley-Jane explains the design process and how the use of finishes, colour and appliances worked together to make her clients’ dream a reality.

Tell us about the choice of colour scheme?

Most importantly, my clients wanted a bespoke colour, rather than one of the standard colours available within our range. The client loved soft dusky pink and wished to create a sophisticated style within this gorgeous tone, teaming it with a stunning Carrara marble floor and the striking Miele ArtLine and PureLine appliances in Obsidian Black. 

How does the colour impact on the kitchen design? 

The colour impacts in several ways; the dusky pink is light in tone which allowed us to use a very dark black contrasting island, as well as the Miele ArtLine and PureLine Obsidian Black appliances. With the exception of the island, the dusky pink also allows for the use of predominately tall cabinetry without it feeling overbearing or as though it is dominating the room.

Miele LWK Kitchen 1

Why were Miele appliances selected?

There were three primary design reasons why Miele appliances were specified. Firstly in order to create the seamless flush tall appliance bank, we needed completely handleless ovens. Secondly, it was very important to the client that the appliances had a glass finish to perfectly complement the high gloss shine of their chosen bespoke Ral dusky pink door colour. Finally, a completely black oven was essential.  The client loved that it was void of any steel accents or knobs. The touch facia of each appliance creates a completely black contrast to the cabinetry and emulates the monochromatic black island. 

Miele LWK Second Image

Do most of your client kitchens now include a bank of cooking appliances? And if so, why do you think this is? 

A bank of cooking appliances is beneficial from both an ergonomic and design point. Having the ovens at eye level and side-by-side as in this design provides easy visibility into the ovens when cooking, as well as being the perfect height for placing food in and out of your ovens. Stylistically, it is also a very bold and impressive design statement.  For the appliance bank in this kitchen, our clients chose the Miele ArtLine Oven, Miele ArtLine Steam Combination Oven, Miele PureLine Coffee Machine and Miele PureLine Gourmet Warming Drawers – all in Obsidian Black.

Miele LWK Hobs

How did you create a kitchen that is high on style but also practical? 

All the usual small kitchen appliances, utensils and cookware are completely hidden by large, handleless ‘Sliding Pocket Doors’ – once opened, the door slides into a small pocket of space and then become hidden. The pantry larder was essential for practicality and ensuring sufficient storage, whilst the island created the principal kitchen ‘show-piece’ and working zone.

Miele LWK image 4

The cooking area on the island houses a sleek 80cm wide Miele Induction Hob with a Miele Downdraft Extractor - both framed by a glamorous Silestone quartz worktop in Stellar Negro. The natural wood finished breakfast bar is top mounted to provide extra height for stowing bar stools

Miele LWK Hob and Extractor

Do you have a favourite part of the kitchen design? 

I am very happy with every aspect of the design. It meets my clients’ brief perfectly and is a complete reflection of their personality.

What advice would you offer readers starting out on a kitchen journey?

Talk to a professional kitchen designer who can listen to your ideas and equally suggest their own in accordance with your space, budget and style preferences.  Be open to your designer’s suggestions but equally if you have something in mind that’s out of the ordinary then a good designer will always listen and fully explore your ideas to advise if it’s feasible. Always research appliances thoroughly so that they can be incorporated into your kitchen design from the outset.

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