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Whether integrated or freestanding, a coffee machine is often the coveted finishing touch to a dream kitchen. Ideal for adding a moment of luxury to your everyday routine and a must-have for coffee lovers, Miele’s bean-to-cup machines offer an extensive selection of authentic coffee shop favourites including a Flat White, Cappuccino, Latte and Espresso. There is also the option to personalise every beverage including the amount of coffee, milk, froth and water temperature. The rich flavour and aroma of the beans is retained during the extraction process, providing an authentic coffee shop experience in the comfort of your own home. What's more, the majority of Miele bean-to-cup machines can be connected to your home WiFi so your coffee is ready and waiting for you to enjoy whenever you need it.

CVA7445 Tea enthusiasts can also enjoy Miele’s new range of teas, which can be brewed at the optimum 80–100°C (flavour dependant) thanks to the automatic tea programme on Miele’s coffee machines. From the classic black PerfectMorning tea to the LivelyGreen tea with its aromatic hints of lemon and ginger, and the floral and fruity BestBerry variety, there is something for all tastes and occasions.

1 - TEAS

Whether coffee or tea is your drink of choice, Miele's extensive range of coffee machine models ensures there is one to suit any kitchen design. Here, we explore their features and the benefits they offer to help you find the model that is right for you.

1 - Rose G

For trendsetters…

Miele CM5510 Bean-to-Cup Countertop Coffee Machine*

The freestanding CM5510 bean-to-cup model comes in a stunning Rose Gold finish; a nod to the ongoing trend for metallic accents in the kitchen. Boasting Miele’s perfect grind technology and intelligent AromaticSystem, it delivers a freshly brewed espresso, coffee or ristretto with a luxuriously smooth crema every time. An integrated conical grinder made from high-quality non-abrasive steel results in a consistent and precise grinding of beans, while additional benefits include a OneTouch for Two function for multiple drinks, ideal for busy mornings. This model also benefits from customisable user profiles for coffee just the way you like it, with many parts being dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

11 - CM7550

For a barista experience…

Miele CM7550 Bean-to-Cup Countertop Coffee Machine

Offering great coffee-making credentials with the flexible convenience of a freestanding design, Miele’s CM7550 bean-to-cup coffee machine provides a true coffee shop at home experience. This sleek model boasts 21 beverage options at the touch of a button including a variety of teas. Ideal for busy lifestyles, the coffee and teapot function will hold up to eight cups, whilst the programming of up to 10 individual user profiles allows each beverage to be made in line with personal preferences. Elements available for personalisation include the option of selecting a double shot for a stronger coffee, water, milk, froth, grinding settings and water temperature. The machine is also simple to use, even during dark early mornings or late into the evening, thanks to intuitive touch display combined with an LED BrilliantLight under the spout. Providing a full barista-style experience, the machine also offers hot milk and milk froth with an automatic rinsing of milk lines using water from the tank for fuss-free maintenance. Effortless descaling is also a bonus with Miele’s AutoDescale automatically dispensing a cleaning agent from a replaceable cartridge.

1 - CVA7445

For a plumbed-in design...

Miele CVA7445 Bean-to-Cup Built-In Coffee Machine

An integrated model makes a stylish addition to a bank of built-in appliances, perfect for a seamless look in a contemporary handleless kitchen. The Miele CVA7445 bean-to-cup coffee machine takes modern design to a new level with its sleek CleanSteel finish. It’s also plumbed in, so there’s no water tank to refill every time you use it. With this model you can create perfect coffee every time thanks to a CupSensor that recognises the rim of the cup and positions the spout accordingly along with OneTouch for Two – two coffee specialities automatically delivered with just one touch. Using it is easy thanks to intelligent functions, large clear-text display and sensor controls while coffee is always freshly ground with the AromaticSystemFresh innovative grinder. The CVA7445 can also be used for tea, as it features a coffee/tea pot function that can prepare up to eight cups, perfect for an afternoon tea with the family. You can even store your favourite settings in up to 10 personal profiles, making it quick and easy to prepare your favourite cup.

1 - CVA7845 For gadget lovers …

Miele CVA7845 Bean-to-Cup Built-In Coffee Machine

Thanks to CoffeeSelect, with Miele’s CVA7845 bean-to-cup coffee machine, everyone gets their favourite coffee fix. It comes with three different types of bean container to ensure each cup is perfectly brewed without any cross-blending. The grinder is positioned in the optimum spot to guarantee that only freshly ground coffee reaches the brew unit and there are various performance modes including Eco, which adjusts the machine to its lowest energy levels to reduce energy consumption. Barista mode alters extraction times for specific coffees while Latte mode speeds up heating times for milk-based beverages.

Caring for your coffee machine is easy with AutoDescale and AutoClean, which automatically do the hard work for you while also removing the need to manually clean the milk pipes. Style-wise, Miele’s M touch controls are effortlessly sleek while new MotionReact technology illuminates the control panels when you approach the machine. Gadget lovers will also love the remote control option via the Miele@mobile app that allows you to make your cuppa using a smartphone or tablet.

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