Which Hob Is Right For You?

When choosing a hob for a new kitchen, it can be all too easy to opt for a style that you are familiar with, without exploring alternative options and the benefits that they could offer. Cooking techniques, usage and desired aesthetic should all factor into a final decision, and with the plethora of different hob technologies and products currently offered by Miele, your perfect hob is out there.

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For Smaller Spaces…

For some, their dream kitchen design is limited by the space available, but this needn’t mean compromising on appliances. Miele’s Induction Hobs are available in a variety of sizes, starting at just 60cm that offers all the precision cooking in a compact, space-saving model. What’s more, nearly all Miele hobs have their own controls and can be installed independently of an oven – offering both true flexibility in appliance placement and overall layout, as well as enabling the space underneath the hob to be used for drawers or cupboards, providing often much-needed additional storage space.

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For Frequent Entertainers…

Whether you’re frequently cooking for a large number of people or lead a busy lifestyle and rely on batch cooking to see you through hectic midweek dinners, often using larger pans on the hob, you may benefit from Miele’s range of induction hobs offering convenient PowerFlex zones. This allows for individual rings to be combined to form one single large ring or a rectangular zone, ideal for cooking using larger pans.

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For Sleek and Minimal Style…

Opting for a hob that won’t disrupt carefully considered sleek lines is important if you are coveting minimal aesthetics. Miele offers a range of different frames for its induction hobs ensuring there’s an opting for every taste, including a stainless-steel frame, bevelled glass edges and frameless for a flush-fit installation. For ultimate design flexibility, Miele’s TwoInOne model combines an induction hob with an integrated extractor – the central grille extractor is framed by two PowerFlex Zones. Ideal for sleek spaces, this does away with the need for an additional extractor, with Miele’s Exclusive Con@ctivity 2.0 technology allowing users to concentrate fully on cooking, as the hob and extractor wirelessly communicate to adjust the power as needed.

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For Creative Cooks…

For adventurous cooks, choosing one style of hob can be difficult. Miele’s SmartLine hobs allow for a variety of hob styles to be placed together for endless combination possibilities, allowing for a truly personal gourmet experience. Designed to sit neatly next to one another, options to choose from include induction, gas, a Tepan Yaki plate and either a dual gas burner or induction hob designed specifically to suit a wok. A downdraft extractor is also available to complete the set up, ensuring the creation of a complete culinary centre, whilst elements can also be combined with a 60cm classic induction hob, resulting in a coordinated finished look. Ideal for those enjoy cooking different styles of dishes, all options boast a host of additional features and benefits.

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For Busy Households…

TempControl is a clever feature offered by Miele’s Induction Hobs that prevents a dish from being burnt if the heat is not turned down – ideal for avoiding culinary catastrophes caused by brief distractions that are all too common in busy family life. TempControl uses sensors to detect the temperature of the pan, with the power automatically regulated to ensure that the food being cooked is fried at a constant temperature, stopping the heat from continuing to rise and food being spoilt – especially beneficial when cooking time sensitive foods such as steaks or rouxs. In addition, Miele’s Stop & Go induction technology allows for all zones to be reduced to power level one with the single touch of a button, allowing for minor interruptions to the cooking process such as answering the door without risking burning.

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For Young Families…

Safety is an understandable important consideration for families with young children, and some may be concerned by the thought of touch screen controls being in reach of small inquisitive hands. To ensure peace of mind in the kitchen, the Safety Lock function prevents inadvertent switching on of a Miele hob, and can also be set to prevent inadvertent changes to the chosen power levels during cooking. In addition, all Miele hobs offer a residual heat indicator, to alert family members to areas that are still warm from previous cooking, whilst a clever safety switch-off feature on all Miele cooking appliances ensures that if it is has been operating for an unusually long period of time, it will switch itself off automatically. For Miele Induction Hobs in particular, the power will cut out if no pan is in place when a zone is turned on, preventing accidental heating up.

As ever, the best way to get a true feel for a new appliance or cooking technology is to experience it in person before making your final decision. Miele has two Experience Centres in Central London and Abingdon, Oxfordshire that offer the opportunity to do just that, offering the chance to get hands on with the appliances and watch them in use by the experts. Miele’s expert team will also be best placed to advise on additional hob accessories to help you get the most out of your chosen product, ensuring professional standard gourmet results time and time again.

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