Creating a Versatile Kitchen with Both Induction and Gas

Induction or gas? A pivotal question when planning a dream kitchen, it often falls to personal preference or previous experience. Both methods have their own unique benefits and cooking styles, and it can be a difficult choice to pick one over the other, but with our revolutionary SmartLine Hob collection, you no longer have to. Offering high performance and sleek designs, it allows for gas and induction to be placed side by side; giving you the best of both worlds. You can also go one step further and add a versatile Tepan Yaki Plate and either a Dual Gas Burner or Induction Hob, which are both designed specifically to suit a wok. We caught up with our product manager, Max McCormick, to find out more about this exciting range and what it can offer creative cooks.

Induction and Gas

How does it work?

An innovative new way to cook, the different domino hob units can be fitted to slot neatly next to each other, resulting in an elegant and eye-catching look. For those who enjoy freedom in the kitchen, a combination of hob styles is a must-have, taking away the need to compromise on function or style.

What different hob styles are available?

The SmartLine Hob range includes; an Induction Hob, Dual Gas Burner, Tepan Yaki Plate, Dual Wok Burner and an Induction Wok. Endless combinations are possible, with each unit featuring either touch or dial controls for creating a coordinated design.

Induction technology is growing in popularity and for passionate home cooks it offers precise control and fantastic results, as well as a host of clever benefits. Ideal for busy families, it cannot be accidentally switched on as the power won’t kick in without a compatible pan on the surface, whilst pan size recognition detects the exact area to heat, ensuring efficient use of energy and no uncovered heat. In addition, PowerFlex zones allow for heating zones to be combined on a single Induction Hob, allowing for larger casserole dishes or soup pots to be heated evenly thanks to TwinBooster technology.


Most of us are familiar with cooking with gas, and being able to explore a revolutionary new technology, such as induction, whilst still having a Dual Gas Burner to hand is a real bonus. Our spiral gas burners allow improved heat distribution across the pan base to ensure more even cooking and browning results, ideal when searing meat or caramelising onions, whilst the ComfortClean pot rests are dishwasher safe. The Dual Wok Burner is a great choice for those who enjoy oriental dishes, whilst providing space for extra-large pots when cooking for a crowd.

Equally, the Induction Wok is fantastic for preparing stir fries and fragrant curries, offering all the benefits of precise induction technology, specially catered to this style of cooking. We offer a coordinating wok pan, perfectly designed to fit neatly into the trough, ensuring precise results every time.

Tepan Yaki

Completing the SmartLine Hob Collection, we have the Tepan Yaki Plate. You might think that you wouldn’t ever use this type of cooking style, often seen in professional kitchens, but it’s an incredibly accessible and versatile appliance, with this model featuring two separately controlled teppan areas and short heat up times thanks to its induction technology. It can be used to make fragrant oriental noodle dishes or to prepare fresh scallops, as well as for searing meat or grilling vegetables. The clue to its flexibility is in the name – it is derived from the Japanese words ‘teppan’ and ‘yaki’, which mean iron plate or pan and grilling or barbecuing respectively.

What type of kitchen would suit the SmartLine Hob collection?

Whether your space is large or small, the beauty of SmartLine is that a bespoke line up can be adapted specifically to your needs. For larger spaces, or those wanting a standard Induction Hob alongside additional complementary elements, a 60cm Classic Induction Hob can be fitted without interrupting the sleek lines. With more homes being occupied by different generations, incorporating multiple styles of hobs is also a great way to please everyone, whilst also making it possible for two different dishes to be prepared at the same time.

Downdraft Extractor CSDA 7001 FL

What about extraction?

SmartLine units can be paired with the extractor of your choice, however for those coveting a cohesive look, a Downdraft Extractor is also available to complete the set-up, ensuring hassle free extraction for the optimum cooking environment. Perfect for minimalistic islands, the extractor sits flush to the hob and is suitable for use with gas due to a pop up FlameGuard feature, which protects the hood. A-rated for energy thanks to its ECO motor, it is available as both a vented and a recirculatory model, with the recirculation model benefitting from a unique lifetime charcoal filter that can be placed in the oven for easy cleaning.

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