Three of the Best Methods for Cooking Vegetables

We all know that it is important to eat a variety of fresh vegetables as part of a balanced and healthy diet, but the challenge is often in finding new and delicious ways to prepare produce, especially if you are a passionate cook always looking to evolve your repertoire. Eating seasonally is a great way to start introducing different vegetables that you might not have previously chosen into your diet, and with our precise cooking technology, getting creative in the kitchen has never been simpler.


For many, the hob is a great place to start when beginning to experiment with different methods of preparing vegetables. Healthy vegetable stocks and soups are simple to prepare yourself at home, but often overlooked in favour of convenient pre-packaged versions, many of which contain much higher levels of salt and sugar. Miele’s TempControl Induction Hob is ideal for this task, as its consistent temperature control ensures that it is not possible to accidentally over-reduce or boil stocks and sauces. The innovative technology works by using sensors to detect the temperature of the pan, with the power automatically regulated to ensure that the food is cooked at a constant temperature, stopping the heat from rising as it does on conventional induction hobs. Dishes such as colourful vegetable stir fries are cooked to perfection at the recommended level three (220°C) with no need to worry if you take your eye off the dish for a moment.

Miele Three Best Methoods for Veg KM6829

Steam Cooking

Steam cooking is widely recognised as a fantastic way to prepare vegetables whilst retaining essential vitamins and minerals, which can be lost when ingredients are immersed in water. Texture, colour and flavour are also preserved when cooking this way, meaning that often less seasoning is needed, making it a great method for showing off fresh, seasonal produce at its best or when preparing vegetables for weaning small children. Miele has a variety of ovens that offer a steam functionality, with the most convenient of these being the Freestanding Steam Oven* – a portable appliance that can be placed onto a kitchen worktop near to a plug socket, with no need for it to be plumbed in. Miele’s precise steam technology ensures that it is possible to obtain an exact temperature within one degree from 40-100°C – invaluable for complex recipes where delicate cooking is needed.

Miele Three Ways Veg Freestanding Steam

Sous Vide

A step further for adventurous cooks, all types of root vegetables can prepared using the Miele Sous Vide Vacuum Sealing Drawer resulting in minimal loss of colour and flavour. Sous Vide cooking describes a method whereby food is vacuum-sealed in a plastic bag and then cooked in a steam oven for longer than normal at a precise, low temperature. For a twist on the classic mashed potato, steaming potatoes in a Sous Vide bag at 85°C for two hours before mashing them results in an indulgently creamy side dish that is able to absorb extra butter and milk due to the lack of excess water soaked up in the cooking process. Setting 1 on the Sous Vide Vacuum Sealing Drawer is ideal for more delicate vegetables, whilst storing left-over homemade pesto or baby food is simple, as small jars can be safely sealed for storing. In this manner, cooked food, compote and preserved vegetables can also be conveniently sealed, resulting in less waste and more options for creativity with fresh, seasonal produce.

Miele Sous Vide Drawer

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