Kitchen Appliance Trends for 2024

When planning the perfect kitchen for 2024, as well as keeping in mind which colours, styles and materials are set to be popular for cabinets, flooring, walls and worksurfaces, it’s also important to keep an eye on what’s going to be big news in the world of appliances, too. From David Beckham inspired stainless steel and multiple dishwasher and laundry appliances to discreet lighting solutions, our Category Manager for kitchens, Thomas Hopper, shares his predictions for what’s going to take next year’s kitchen designs by storm, as well as insight from Humphrey Munson’s Design Director & Founder, Peter Humphrey.

1. Matt Black Finishes

Matt is in when it comes to appliances. Although a high-sheen look is still on-trend, especially for creating a feeling of light and space in a small kitchen, we will also see more muted styles with matt black finishes rising in popularity for 2024. Matt finishes hide grease and water spots, making them a highly practical choice for busy kitchens and families. We are excited to launch a new collection of built-in handleless appliances in a sleek Obsidian Matt black finish from April 2024, which will include an oven, compact microwave combination oven, combination steam ovens, warming drawer and sous-vide drawer, coffee machines and wine storage, all complemented by induction hobs, a cooker hood and front panels for dishwashers featuring Miele’s Knock2Open technology.


2. Advanced Air Fryer Technology

Air fryers were hugely popular in 2023, as the nation sought out energy-saving appliances as well as a healthier way to cook. We're proud to be launching an oven with a new AirFry tray and Perforated Gourmet baking function, available from February 2024. It’s ideal for cooking a range of dishes from salmon fillets to a whole chicken, all while saving space as it reduces the need for a separate small appliance cluttering up the worksurface.


3. Multiple Appliances

For larger households, we’re seeing multiple dishwashers and laundry appliances being installed to help manage the increased loads. Humphrey Munson’s Design Director & Founder, Peter Humphrey agrees; “For busy households with weekend guests and sport kits galore, installing a laundry room with two washing machines and two tumble dryers makes practical sense providing double the capacity when required. Of course, the utility room should be in keeping aesthetically with the rest of the project so specifying Miele laundry appliances ensures this engine room of the house always looks the part too.”

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Projects credit: Humphrey Munson, Photography credit: Paul Craig

4. Smart, Connected Technology

The nation will continue to embrace smart technology as a way to create a more sustainable way of consuming water and energy while also making life more comfortable and convenient. Connected appliances for cooking, refrigeration and laundry can be monitored and controlled remotely for ease of use and with cycle notifications, alerts about any potential problems and a simplified way of carrying out tasks, this is an area that will only become bigger and better in time. Miele@home intelligent appliances can be networked securely for simple operation, whether using the Miele app, voice control or integration into an existing Smart Home solution.


5. Discreet Lighting Solutions

Kitchens are now multifunctional spaces that are used for everything from cooking and dining to relaxing, entertaining and home working, so lighting solutions need to reflect this and create task, ambient and feature lighting to suit. Our DA 7378 Aura 4.0 Ambient Island Cooker Hood is a wonderful option with smart control exclusively via Con@ctivity 3.0 and the Miele@mobile app. Designed in the shape of a ceiling lamp, it offers subtle and sophisticated extraction with customisable coloured lighting with MyAmbientLight as well as HumidityBalance moisture removal and an exclusive AmbientFragrance function.


6. Built-in Appliances

To achieve a modern finish for a contemporary handleless kitchen, built-in and integrated appliances are rising in popularity as more homeowners look to the clean lines of a seamless style. Our range has all the appliances needed for a co-ordinated, flush-fit look with designs for cooking, coffee, dishwashing, fridges and freezers.


7. Stainless Steel

In part thanks to the Netflix documentary Beckham, viewers have become obsessed with stainless steel kitchens like the clean and tidy kitchen in David Beckham’s London home. Where steel was once thought of as perhaps too stark and cold for a domestic kitchen, it’s actually a really practical material that can be combined with warmer materials elsewhere to make the space inviting and welcoming. Look for brushed matt finishes and marry it with Shaker-style cabinetry, textured wood grain or stone surfaces and our stainless steel appliances with their high quality CleanSteel finish for a showstopping look.


8. Sustainable and Energy Efficient Appliances

Eco-friendly appliances that help to save money, water and energy while still delivering the highest possible level of performance and minimal noise output are currently top of mind. Appliances that help to reduce food waste, such as our refrigerators with advanced freshness technology, are proving to be popular, while washing machines that can automatically release the right amount of detergent for the load type will help to save waste. When it comes to drying laundry, our heat pump tumble dryers continue to reign supreme thanks to how they conserve energy and save money; costing just £100 a year to run compared to around £400 year when using a vented model. Meanwhile, our dishwashers feature automatic detergent dispensing technology, which when combined with its PowerDisk, reduces detergent consumption by up to 30%.

As well as looking at energy ratings and water usage, it’s important to look beyond the label and consider what else an appliance brand does to ensure sustainable production of its products. At Miele, we pride ourselves on testing most of our appliances for 20 years use*, while being dedicated to sustainability throughout everything we do.

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