Statement vs Concealed Extractors

In the majority of kitchens, design is just as important as functionality. From impressive, decorative hoods that can be used to make a visual statement, to subtle concealed extractors that easily become invisible in the kitchen, there is a plethora of options available. Different styles may be more or less suitable to different kitchens, depending on the space available or the look you are trying to achieve. Whether you choose an extractor that doubles up as a statement piece of furniture, or a concealed design to be subtly hidden away, you do not have to compromise on quality or functionality, thanks to the extensive range from Miele.

During day to day cooking, vapours that carry a mix of steam and grease particles are released into the air, especially when frying. Without the use of an extractor, these vapours will remain in the room, affecting various parts of the kitchen including furniture, soft furnishings and paintwork. Extraction appliances are crucial for removing unwanted vapours and odours, as well as ensuring that the kitchen remains a clean and pleasant environment to cook and entertain in.

When choosing an extractor, it’s important to think about the type of cooking that you do, and equally about the type of hob that you currently have or plan on purchasing, as this can impact the effectiveness of a cooker hood. For example, if you have an induction hob, you will need to ensure that your extractor covers a dimension wider than your hob, as vapours released when using induction dissipate outwards. In contrast, when using gas the vapours rise vertically in a candle-like shape, so opting for a cooker hood that matches the width of your hob will work best.

Generation 7000 Aura Cooker Hood

Island or wall-mounted cooker hoods are a great option if you wish to create an eye-catching focal point in your kitchen, without being intrusive. Miele offers a variety of wall and island hoods that feature clean, prominent lines and perfect workmanship that will always attract attention. Bear in mind that Miele cooker hoods made from a combination of stainless steel and glass feature single-pane safety glass. If broken, the special glass crumbles into lots of small pieces without sharp edges, ensuring maximum safety should the unexpected happen.

 DA 5798 second

Despite the high performance of island and wall-mounted cooker hoods, the motor, chimney and canopy are equipped with special insulation for effective proofing, allowing you to have a normal conversation even when on the highest setting, ideal for open plan living.

For smaller kitchens or minimalist designs, concealed cooker hoods offer an unobtrusive yet powerful option that will remove kitchen vapours effectively. Concealed hoods can be installed underneath or in a wall unit, and certain models can also be fitted so that they are almost invisible if preferred. Slimline cooker hoods offer a discrete design in which a narrow, stainless steel trim beneath the wall unit is all that is visible, ideal to complement a seamless kitchen design.

DA 3496

For the best of both worlds, striking designs that silently emerge and disappear at the touch of a button are the perfect option. Our Downdraft cooker hoods rises up when in use, creating a real wow factor, and disappears back down into the worktop when not required, without interruption of space or kitchen design. Downdraft models are also ideal if you have high ceilings in your kitchen as if the distance from hob to hood passes 130cm, grease particles become too heavy to remove and drop back down into the kitchen, making the hood ineffective.

DA 6890

A great feature to look out for when purchasing a cooker hood is if it offers smart technology such as Miele’s exclusive Con@ctivity. This technology gathers information from the hob and transmits it to the controls in a cooker hood, allowing the hood and the hob to ‘talk’ to each other. Data gathered is then used by the hood to automatically switch on when the induction hob is turned on, proactively adjusting the power and lighting to ensure an optimum room microclimate at all times. Con@ctivity allows you to completely concentrate on cooking, without having to even remember to turn off the cooker hood. When the hob is switched off, the hood will also turn off, without using any more energy than necessary.

Extractor Hood 1

The main advantage of any extractor – statement or concealed – is that it performs correctly, effectively removing grease and vapours, providing a pleasant environment that is enjoyable to cook in.

For further advice on what to look for when purchasing an extractor, please click here

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