Five Of The Best Quiet Appliances

Our top five quiet appliances for your home:

Miele is proud to be a leader in quiet appliances. Our brand promise, ‘Immer Besser’ or ‘Forever Better’ means we strive to constantly improve appliances in all aspects, including the sound they produce. It is not just the level of noise we test but also the quality of sound to ensure you get the best experience. Here are our top five quiet appliances for your home:

Miele WMH122WPS Washing Machine

Miele WMH122WPS Washing Machine

If your washing machine is part of your kitchen design choosing a quiet model is vital. Ours feature a powerful motor, which consumes less electricity, is quiet and maintenance free. Miele is the only brand to use cast iron counter weights, which will not crack, crumble or corrode over time, so you never have to worry about your machine moving across the kitchen floor! Three shock absorbers also provide complete stability with minimal vibration for a quiet sounding washing machine.

Rated A+++-40% for energy efficiency, this model offers an Extra Quiet setting, which can be combined with the majority of the wash programmes, including cottons, minimum iron, delicates, silks and shirts. The machine will activate a rinse hold without spin function to ensure a low-noise wash rhythm of 46dB, which is quieter than regular conversation. Other benefits include QuickPowerWash for thorough cleaning in less than one hour and an automatic two-phase detergent system that achieves optimum wash performance. For a limited time, customers are eligible for a six months supply of Miele Ultraphase Detergent when purchasing a new W1 Washing Machine or W1 Washer Dryer. There is also the option to heat the 9kg drum after the final spin to smooth and loosen laundry helping to reduce time spent ironing.

Miele G 6890 SCVi K2O Dishwasher

Miele G 6890 SCVi K2O Dishwasher

A perfect solution for open plan kitchens, this dishwasher features an Extra Quiet programme. When selected the dishwasher is quieter than soft music playing with a 38dB rating, allowing you to enjoy family meals and socialise without any distractions. Exclusive Knock2Open technology makes it a good choice for contemporary, handleless kitchens; simply tap twice on the door front to open as if by magic! A QuickPowerWash programme cleans and dries crockery in just 58 minutes, with an ‘A’ cleaning performance and A+++-20% energy rating, while four LEDs bathe the interior in brilliant light for easy loading and unloading. When buying direct from Miele, qualifying customers are eligible for a free introductory or stockpiling offer* of Miele Dishwasher Ultratabs, to find out more please click here

Miele KWT 6112 iG ed/cs Built-in Wine Conditioning Unit

Miele KWT 6112 iG ed/cs Built-in Wine Conditioning Unit

Featuring the same technology as Miele Silence-System refrigerators this built in wine conditioning unit also has great sound insulation making it almost whisper quiet at 34dB. Compact in size but big in useable space it provides storage for up to 18 bottles over three levels. Large Magnums can also be easily accommodated thanks to a flexible shelving system. Rated A+ for energy efficiency, the UV resistant glass door will protect your wine, and an active charcoal filter makes sure that no unwanted smells can enter through the cork. A handleless design with a soft-close door makes this model ideal for contemporary or open plan kitchens.

Miele KFN 29683D Freestanding Fridge Freezer

Miele Kitchen Island

Refrigerators and freezers are always running so low noise levels are particularly important. Miele refrigerators with a Silence-System such as the KFN 29683D are equipped with a specially sound-optimised refrigeration circuit. In addition, targeted sound buffers are installed in critical places for quiet operation to help deliver a low 37dB rating. Available in an elegant black or white glass finish, this A+++ rated fridge-freezer benefits from a soft close door mechanism with no visible handle for a pleasant user experience. It also features Miele’s PerfectFresh Pro system helping produce to last longer, an XL interior for maximum storage space and adjustable, glass shelf lighting.

For a limited time customers are eligible to receive a complimentary luxury artisan hamper with the purchase of a Miele KFN29683D in Brilliant White or Obsidian Black directly through Miele.

Miele DA6690D Puristic Edition 6000 Island Cooker Hood

Miele Kitchen Appliances

The ECO motor on this cooker hood operates with a DC current, which saves up 70% energy compared to conventional motors and operates quietly yet as powerfully as all fans used by Miele. The motor, chimney and canopy are also specially insulated for effective sound-proofing. Developed and hand assembled at Miele’s bespoke factory in Germany, the cooker hood benefits from premium 10-layer metallic grease filters, which can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher when required. Con@ctivity 2.0 technology for intelligent extraction is also on board. This hood has a low 36dB rating, which will rise to 65db depending on the setting, however it can be fitted with an external motor that is placed on an outside wall or in a roof to further reduce noise. It is also worth taking into consideration that 70dB will be heard as 58dB from one metre away and 45dB from five metres.

TOP TIP – dB ratings are displayed on energy labels to help you with your purchase decision. A difference of 3dB may not seem a lot but to your ear it will decrease the sound recognition by 50%

*For a limited time only

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