Workshop Coffee

With four coffee bars in London (Clerkenwell, Fitzrovia, Holborn and Marylebone), Workshop Coffee also has a dedicated Roastery in Bethnal Green and online shop allowing you to enjoy its clean, sweet and fresh coffee in town or at home. Dedicated to sourcing, roasting, extracting and serving truly memorable coffee, this young and vibrant company likes to offer a variety of Single Origin Micro-Lot coffees throughout the year depending on the harvest and seasonality of the produce that is sourced from around the world.

Miele Workshop Coffee Bar

The company prides itself on working closely with farmers, producers, exporters and co-operatives who are committed to the highest quality coffee and encourage reinvestment and training at farm level. Last year, the Workshop Coffee team made six trips to producing countries, travelling for around 50 days of the year. When it comes to roasting, a wide range of systems and software are in place to help showcase the clean, sweet and fresh character of the complex seeds with taste testing and Espresso QC being a crucial element.

Workshop Coffee can also be enjoyed in our Experience Centres. We have selected an exclusive San Ramon espresso from the north of Guatemala’s Santa Rosa region, which is farmed by Guillermo Antonio Juárez. Aromas of dried fig and marzipan complement a vibrant, red cherry acidity while brown sugar sweetness and candied orange peel offer a lingering nougat finish. This high quality blend is comprised of Caturra and Bourbon coffee beans which are planted at an altitude of up to 1,800m and shaded by trees to protect the coffee from excess sunlight.

Miele Workshop Coffee

We are delighted to have teamed up with Workshop Coffee to offer a free six or 12-month coffee bean subscription* with every purchase of a Miele CM6310, CM7300 or CM7500 bean to cup freestanding coffee machine. Each month you will receive one 250g bag of Workshop coffee beans, which are sent whole to ensure absolute freshness. As well as receiving your free subscription, you will also become a member of our exclusive Miele Kaffeehaus club, which will help you get the most out of your bean to cup machine to create perfect coffee with your Workshop beans; from customising your machine so you get coffee just the way you like it, through to inspiration for new coffees to enjoy from around the globe.

Miele CM7500 Coffee Machine

Miele bean to cup freestanding coffee machines all benefit from an integrated conical bean grinder made from high-quality, non-abrasive steel, which results in an even and precise grinding of beans. The perfect grind technology works with the AromaticSystem for a thorough percolation cycle, delivering an authentic taste and delicious aroma. Individual user profiles allow beverages to be made in line with personal preferences and you can also choose to make two identical beverages at the same time.

  • The promotion runs until the 31st March 2018. Full terms and conditions can be found here.
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