Braised Jacob Sheep

with Baked Pink Fir Apple Potatoes, Bitter Leaves and Heritage Tomatoes

Wanting to create restaurant style dishes in the comfort of your home or keen to expand your cooking repertoire? This delicious recipe has been created by our executive chef, Sven-Hanson Britt and is part of our 'Perfection Series', which we hope will inform and inspire you.

Serves 4-6

1 x Mutton, hogget or even lamb shoulder

2 shallots – roughly chopped

4 cloves garlic

150g carrot

150g celeriac skins

200ml white wine

4L lamb or chicken stock

50ml homemade tomato vinegar

A few sprigs of thyme

A few sprigs of sage

A few sprigs of tarragon

A few sprigs of parsley

A few basil leaves

500g Pink Fir Apple Potatoes

500g sea salt

A few radicchio leaves

A few dandelion leaves

A few chicory leaves

A few frisbee leaves

A mixture of varieties of tomatoes

50ml homemade tomato vinegar

A few drops of pumpkin seed oil

Salt and pepper

100g rendered mutton/lamb fat

  1. Season the mutton shoulder and caramelise the outside in a hot pan with the mutton fat until it is golden all over.
  2. Remove from the pan and add in the vegetables, roast those in the residual fat.
  3. When the vegetables are light brown, add the herbs then deglaze the pan with the tomato vinegar and add the wine, reduce to a syrup and add the stock.
  4. Reduce the stock by half and add the mutton shoulder back into the pot.
  5. Cover the whole lot in baking paper and then tinfoil or a lid and braise slowly in a gentle oven or in the warming drawer at 85°c until cooked – 6-12 hours, depending on personal preference.
  6. When cooked, the mutton should come away from the bone very easily and be soft and succulent – rest in the cooking juices for an hour
  7. Whilst the mutton is resting, prepare the rest of the dish.
  8. Firstly, wash the potatoes and place in a suitable earthenware dish, cover in salt and bake at 180oc for one hour.
  9. Clean and trim the bitter leaves and set aside in iced water.
  10. Slice the various tomatoes into nice pieces and season with plenty of salt, pepper and a few drops of tomato vinegar.
  11. Strain all of the cooking liquid from the mutton through a sieve and reduce until desired flavour and consistency.
  12. Carve a nice piece of the shoulder from the bone and glaze in the sauce – place onto a hot plate and garnish with the potatoes, tomato, bitter leaves and pumpkin seed oil.

About the Author

With a great love for travel and food, Sven-Hanson Britt studied at Bournemouth and Poole College, where a specialised chef course run by the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts kick started his career in a big way; with an apprenticeship at The Ritz. Sven then went on to take part in MasterChef:The Professionals, which cemented his love of food even further and in May 2015 our partnership began. Appreciating the link between great cooking and great appliances, Sven was drawn to our reputation for precision, passion and uncompromising quality.

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